Tuesday, December 6, 2011

It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas

I finally got all of my Christmas decorations up this week.  We've had quite a bit of snow here surprisingly and the kids had a snow day today and yesterday.  We never once had a snow day in Utah so we were quite excited to get one here.  The difference is that they don't have the ability to clear the roads here very well so the buses can't get kids to school.  Darn.  Actually we loved it, I pretty much used to take my own "snow days" in Utah (my kids and I are pretty big wimps when it comes to going out in the snow).  I'm glad we got a few official ones here.  It was fun to have the kids home and get our house ready for Christmas.  I don't have any pictures taken in the daylight yet, but here's a few Instagram one's I snapped last night on my phone.

Thanksgiving 2011

We made a quick trip to Utah for Thanksgiving a few weeks ago.  It was so nice to be there and spend time with family.  We didn't make it back to our old neighborhood this trip because we have so much family in Utah between the two of us and were juggling time with them.  But don't worry Herriman, we'll be back this Summer! We had Thanksgiving dinner at my brother Steve's house.  It was so nice and relaxing and the food was awesome.  Here's the story told through Instagram, my new favorite thing :)

The Table 

The Kids waiting for dinner 

Austin, Angela, Brian and Cute Jane who doesn't want to smile for me

Steve the generous host slicing Emily's yummy turkey

Emily the beautiful hostess

Me and Angela, missing were my cute sisters Becky and Katie

Me and Travis

The kids enjoying the feast 

Grandma and Grandpa Craig 


Cute Norah

My favorite, "Not yo Mama's Banana Pudding" a Paula Deen recipe, look it up on the food network, it's heavenly!

Playing with the little kids after dinner, the only way I can get them to like me is my iPhone

Hallie's Baptism

Over the Thanksgiving Break while we were in Utah we were able to baptize Hallie with all of her cousins and Grandparents and Aunts and Uncles who were in town.  We really debated whether to have her baptism in Utah or here in New Mexico, but got permission to do it in Utah so most of our family could be there.  I'm so glad we did, it was a very special day just for Hallie.

 Travis was able to baptize and confirm her, and Dallas and I gave talks.  Dallas spoke on baptism and I spoke on the Holy Ghost.  We had a quick little party for her afterward at the church. 

We were so glad that both sets of Grandparents were there because a few days later my parents left for Costa Rica where they will serve for a year and a half in the LDS Temple there.  We are hoping to go visit them soon!  

Hallie with Grandma and Grandpa Jo

Hallie with Grandma and Grandpa Craig

Saturday, October 22, 2011

Family Update

Instead of giving you all the excuses as to why I no longer take time to blog very often I'll just show you what I've been up to lately.  My parents and my sister Becky (complete with her 6 children) came to visit us for Fall Break.  We had a lot of fun exploring New Mexico while they were here.  

Before everyone arrived (they really should have come a week earlier!) we found out for ourselves what all this "balloon stuff" was about.  Ever since people learned we were moving to New Mexico they started talking to us about the Albuquerque Balloon Fiesta, so we headed off to see for ourselves if it was worth all the fuss.  Thankfully, it was.  These pictures were taken during one of the night time Balloon Glows.  It's really quite an amazing site.  All the hot air balloons are in a big park lit up and thousands of people are walking around enjoying them.  There's lots of people, and lots of balloons, and it's really cool.  My little brother Austin and his friends came down for it, but we weren't smart enough to take any pictures together. I did get some of the balloons though.
We especially liked what they call the "special shapes" balloons, you can see for yourself why they're special.

Then when Becky and my parents got here we took a day to go to Santa Fe.  I really love it there and think it's a fun place to take visitors, it's so beautiful.  I feel like there you can really understand why they call New Mexico "The Land of Enchantment."

We went to an old Catholic church at the Plaza (can't remember what it's called), it's a beautiful church and I'm so glad they let you go in and take pictures because it's amazing inside. 

Then we also checked out ABQ's museum of natural history and Old Town Albuquerque.
But one of the reasons I was really glad my family was in town was that they were here to celebrate Hallie's 8th birthday with us.  She was so excited to have her cousins here for the occasion.  We made a fun Halloween cake and spent the night playing with her new birthday present, Just Dance 3.  The kids never seemed to tire of dancing, I love that game! My nieces who were here also have October birthdays, so we had two cakes for the occasion and sang to them too. 
Remember Hallie's candy cake from last year?
We liked it so much we made a Halloween version this year. 
I pretty much did the same thing as last year except went to town with Halloween Candy.  And instead of doing the rainbow cake on the inside I layered (with my Mom's help) a chocolate and vanilla (dyed orange) cake.  It was yummy.  

I promise the Fancy Nancy blogger you've grown accustomed to is around here somewhere.  I've just got figure out how she fits into New Mexico before she resumes her normal posts :) Thanks for hangin in there with me. 

Thursday, October 6, 2011

Costume City

My favorite part of Halloween is coming up with costumes for the kids.  These pictures make me smile and remember fun Halloween memories.  There are 2 years missing, Dallas' first Halloween (he was a tiger) and 2004 when Dallas was a bee and Hallie was a flower.  Those pictures are packed in a box somewhere and not on my computer.  Anyway these were the pictures I had digitally so they went into a collage that I created in Picasa and printed so I could put it up with my other Halloween decorations.  We are currently trying to decide what the kids should be this year, any suggestions?

Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Halloween Decorations 2011

Well the majority of my house might still be very under-decorated, but that doesn't mean I won't decorate for Halloween.  I dug through all the random boxes in the garage the other day and found most of my Halloween decorations, and added a few new ones.  Here's your first look at our new house, as you'll see it's not unlike my old house (that's probably why I liked it so much).  This is our family room, it's the most decorated room in our home.  I still have to hang my curtains, and have some plans for a gallery wall in the future, but for now this is it.  Like our last home it is open to our kitchen, which I like.  Even the configuration is very much like our Herriman House, the fireplace is to the left at an angle, and then there's just a big open room.  We were glad there was a perfect spot for our entertainment center that Travis' Dad built us for Christmas last year. It fits beautifully.

Here's some close-ups of the mantel.  I've pretty much got the same decorations as always, I just put them out a little bit differently every time.  The big Happy Halloween bunting is new though.  It was cheap, $2 from Target, but I really like it even though it's paper.

I don't think I put the little Halloween girl decoration out last year, I made her along with about a dozen others like her for a few friends for Halloween.  I really think she's cute.

The other new addition I bought this year was this pumpkin bunting.  It was also super cheap at Target, $4.  Yes please!  It's not even paper, it's made of felt with ribbon so I think it'll last for a long time.  Love it.

But probably my favorite new Halloween decoration this year is my Subway Art from the Eighteen25 girls.  This is my favorite holiday subway art they've done so far, and I can't believe they give them away for free cause I would have paid for this.  But it's a free download that you can have printed at Costco.  I got the 16X20 poster size and it only cost $5.99 to print.  Then I just put it in a frame I already had that I spray painted white. Promise me you'll download (they give great instructions on how to do this) and hang your own.  It's so cute, it will make you happy every time you walk past it, I promise!

But I couldn't quite leave it well enough alone so I added a few more decorations to the niche that it's in.

Well that's pretty much it for the Halloween decorations.  I've got a lot of family coming to town next week and we're having a Halloween themed birthday party for Hallie, so perhaps I'll add some more.  For now I'm off to sew pillows for my Living Room.

Monday, October 3, 2011

Time to blog again

I don't know about you but I don't like to cook in a messy kitchen.  If it's time to make dinner and the kitchen is a mess I will clean it first, and then prepare dinner (same thing if my bed is unmade and it is time to go to sleep: I will first make the bed, and then get in to go to sleep.).  My husband finds this very odd.  His philosophy is that if it's already a mess you may as well just add to it, and then do a big clean-up after dinner.  But I prefer to cook in a clean kitchen.  

I kind of think this is why I haven't blogged much lately.  My "kitchen" (code for life and my new home) is messy (or still in boxes), and it's taking me a long time to clean it.  So I feel like I can't blog or craft until I get settled.  Anyway we've been in our new home for a month now, and I'm getting more and more settled every day, so I've decided it's high time to start blogging again.  Maybe no one is even paying attention any more anyway, and that's okay.  Really I blog more for myself and my sanity than for anyone else.  Blogging gives me a creative outlet and a way to connect with other people (even if the only other people out there are my Mom and my husband, I'd still blog).  So here I am, blogging again, and feeling all accomplished :)

Remember my coat hanger that I had my father-in-law make way back when?  He basically took a 4X4 block of wood, and put some legs on it for me, and then I painted it and added some hooks.  It looked like this before we painted it.  

Then Travis painted it for me and added hooks, but once we got here to our new home I decided it needed a little something else so I hung a fun retro clock on it that I bought at Target. 

What do you think?  I'm kind of loving it.  I think the clock really finishes it off and gives it a retro vibe.  I use it in my kitchen to hang my purse and apron and whatever else I feel like hanging on it.  I got the hooks for it at Hobby Lobby.  

Basically I've been doing things like this for the last month.  Trying to pick my life up out of boxes, and find a new place for everything.  We're getting there, but I've got a long way to go.  Our new house has quite a bit more room than we had before, and so there's a lot more to decorate.  I'm excited about decorating because I love doing it, but it's going to take a while. I'm just going to have to do it piece meal as I can afford it, but I'll be sure to document along the way.  

On the family front Dallas recently had his first Rain Gutter Regatta for Cub Scouts, and we took a family trip to the Albuquerque Zoo.  

The Rain Gutter Regatta here was really fun.  They did a few crazy races, and Dallas got picked for the silly string race where he tried to get his boat to move through the rain gutter by spraying it with silly string.  It didn't really work very well, but he sure had fun doing it.  

And the ABQ zoo was surprisingly great.  If you ever come to New Mexico, you have to visit the zoo.  It was super affordable and really big.  There's also a train ride you can take from the zoo to the aquarium which we did and enjoyed that as well. 

So that's about what I've been up to lately.  I recently put up all my Halloween decorations and even did a fun craft that I'll share with you another day.  Right now I'm getting ready for family that is coming to visit, and Hallie's birthday next week. Also there's a big balloon fiesta in Albuquerque that we're going to check out, so I'll be sure and take pics of that as well.  Bet you can't wait!