Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Halloween Decorations 2011

Well the majority of my house might still be very under-decorated, but that doesn't mean I won't decorate for Halloween.  I dug through all the random boxes in the garage the other day and found most of my Halloween decorations, and added a few new ones.  Here's your first look at our new house, as you'll see it's not unlike my old house (that's probably why I liked it so much).  This is our family room, it's the most decorated room in our home.  I still have to hang my curtains, and have some plans for a gallery wall in the future, but for now this is it.  Like our last home it is open to our kitchen, which I like.  Even the configuration is very much like our Herriman House, the fireplace is to the left at an angle, and then there's just a big open room.  We were glad there was a perfect spot for our entertainment center that Travis' Dad built us for Christmas last year. It fits beautifully.

Here's some close-ups of the mantel.  I've pretty much got the same decorations as always, I just put them out a little bit differently every time.  The big Happy Halloween bunting is new though.  It was cheap, $2 from Target, but I really like it even though it's paper.

I don't think I put the little Halloween girl decoration out last year, I made her along with about a dozen others like her for a few friends for Halloween.  I really think she's cute.

The other new addition I bought this year was this pumpkin bunting.  It was also super cheap at Target, $4.  Yes please!  It's not even paper, it's made of felt with ribbon so I think it'll last for a long time.  Love it.

But probably my favorite new Halloween decoration this year is my Subway Art from the Eighteen25 girls.  This is my favorite holiday subway art they've done so far, and I can't believe they give them away for free cause I would have paid for this.  But it's a free download that you can have printed at Costco.  I got the 16X20 poster size and it only cost $5.99 to print.  Then I just put it in a frame I already had that I spray painted white. Promise me you'll download (they give great instructions on how to do this) and hang your own.  It's so cute, it will make you happy every time you walk past it, I promise!

But I couldn't quite leave it well enough alone so I added a few more decorations to the niche that it's in.

Well that's pretty much it for the Halloween decorations.  I've got a lot of family coming to town next week and we're having a Halloween themed birthday party for Hallie, so perhaps I'll add some more.  For now I'm off to sew pillows for my Living Room.


kms said...

Yea! Nancy's back!

MarySue said...

I too have been eagerly awaiting your return and am thrilled. The house and decorations look GREAT. And how generous of you to link to that fun looking free print. Happy day sweet Nancy.

Lynette @ My Craft Discovery said...

very cute. I need to hunt down my decorations and get on that too! :)

Dani said...

I love it ALL...

I've got to get decorating!!!

pam said...

I almost thought that first picture was an archive from last year, the room so resembles your last house. Looking forward to seeing you soon.

Rebecca Irvine said...

Sooo cute! Come and do my mantle, please?

Sarah@AlpinePoppy said...

It all looks spooktacular ;). Your house is beautiful!

kimber said...

I just hung my little framed halloween picture you gave me last year. It's SO cute!

Ashley said...

Cute Nancy! Hope you are liking NM. Hope you guys come visit Phoenix soon! We miss you guys!

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Serge said...

With all these lovely interior Halloween decorations, I'd surely love to see how you decorated the exteriors as well!