Tuesday, June 28, 2011

A little story about a little boy and his little car

I'm sort of amazed that I have any followers right now.  You've probably got it on your list of "things to do" to drop me from your blog reader, but you just haven't gotten around to it.  If that's the case I totally understand.  But, if by some small chance you're interested in what I have to say and show enough to stick around, well then I'll consider you a true friend :)  I promise to one day get back to blogging and creating, I just have a crazy life right now so that's not likely to happen until I sell my house, move, and get settled into another home.  So for now I thought I'd show you what we were up to this last week. Pinewood Derby anyone?  Who knew such things would be so exciting.  I sure didn't until I had a cub scout of my own.  It's kind of like you don't ever think a kid's soccer game could be very exciting until you've got your own kid on a team.  When that happens soccer suddenly becomes the most exciting sport there ever was.  It's like that.

So last week was Dallas' Pinewood Derby.  Travis helped Dallas design, shape and build his car, and then Mom took over with the decorating.  The boys decided to go with a space rocket theme and this is what we came up with.  What do you think?

Exciting, right?  Just look at my boy's face, if that doesn't show excitement then I don't know what does.  

Actually that was more of a "Mom get out of my face with the camera" look.  Oh well.  Here's a few more cars that I really liked.  My favorites (besides ours of course) were the Hershey Car and the Dinosaur Car.  Very impressive.

Unfortunately for Dallas his car had a lot more style than speed, and seeing how the Pinewood Derby isn't exactly a beauty contest we didn't exactly win.  That's okay, there's always next year!  The boys still had a ton of fun though, and we had a good time watching.

Even though Dallas didn't place in the top 3 he still took home the award for "Most out of this world car."  The boys all got an award with a medal made out of licorice rope and a York Peppermint Paddy.  Clever, cute and culinarily pleasing.

Now there's the happy face.  


Trish said...

Still following, still reading.
Sad that you're moving before we get to be real neighbors. ya know. The kind that know each other.
Excellent Derby car!

Keely said...

Love your posts...even if they're less frequent these days! It just means that you're busy being a mama, which most of us realize is your most important 'job' anyways! :-)

Loved this post....I don't hear much about pinewood derby's out here in cali! Good to see that they still exist. Such a sweet hobby! Glad that your little man had fun!

Amanda said...

We'll be into scouting soon enough! How FUN!

Cheryl said...

Very cute . . . I totally get what you mean about things not seeming to be exciting until your child is involoved in it and then it becomes the most fascinating thing in the world. Your son's car looked amazing. (That Hershey car looked pretty good, too.) I love the medal!

Heidi said...

I would not worry! We all understand about life! I think we would rather you worry about your family and moving than us! We can be patient.....i think. :)