Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Cheers to San Diego

Last weekend Travis and I were able to go to San Diego for his work Convention/Awards trip.  This kind of trip is always a little more exciting than our normal ones because it's all paid for by his company, can't beat that!  We stayed right near Seaport Village and the Gaslamp District of San Diego in a hotel called the Manchester Grand Hyatt.  It was a beautiful hotel, and we had a gorgeous view of the Harbor.  It was a little cloudy most of the weekend so there wasn't much in the way of beach or swimming time, but we still had a really fun relaxing weekend.  Trav got to golf and I got to shop and read.  Every night the company holds dinners and entertainment.  One night there was a comedian, and one night there was live music, and always yummy food.  Each night before dinner there is always a cocktail hour with an open bar.  This is really exciting for a lot of people, but we don't drink.  So for us it's an opportunity to try to figure out fun drinks for the bartender to make us sans alcohol.  This year we drank a lot of Shirley Temples.  These are so yummy and simple that I thought I'd buy the ingredients at home to make them for the kids.

If you don't know what's in a Shirley Temple it's as simple as lemon-lime soda, Grenadine syrup and Maraschino Cherries.  I just pour the soda over a glass of ice with a cherry or two followed by 1-2 teaspoons of Grenadine, yum!

Two of my best friends live in Southern California, so we met up for lunch and shopping one day at Seaport Village.  

Here's Liz and cute Elyse.

And Courtney and sweet Chase. We wanted a picture of all three of us, so we had Chase take one.  I'd say he's a budding Photographer.  

So one of the nights at the convention there's a cocktail dress dinner.  I made Trav take some pictures with me cause I really liked my dress this year.  

I almost always wear black dresses to these things so this time I really broke out of my shell with the Navy.  Okay so it's almost black (I'm not the most daring dresser), but I loved it.  My Mom helped me make the red shawl because I wanted to wear red shoes with the dress.  I don't know why Trav didn't get any pics with the shoes (guys don't think about stuff like that).  So I took some close-ups of my accessories to share with you.  I'm all about the accessories. 

Like the shoes?  I got them on (love buying shoes from them).  But if you like to online shop for shoes you should also check out, it's somewhat of an outlet for Zappos (I think). 

My Mom loaned me this cute little coin purse.  I thought it'd be perfect for holding lipgloss and gum.  And you know how I feel about my birds.  It was perfect to take to the awards dinner. 

Here's a closer shot where you can see my headband.  Liz helped me pick it out at Nordstrom to go with my outfit.  I was kind of hesitant because it cost twice as much as my dress (literally, but I got my dress for a steal) but we figured it really finished the ensemble.

And here's Trav in his cocktail attire.  He was kind of like, "I don't look any different than any other day at the office."  But still, he looked handsome, and I was so proud of him.  It's always fun for me to see him be praised for his hard work, and get to meet the people from his company.

For some reason I kind of had a red, white, and blue theme going all weekend.  Nice of my friends to comply with that as well :)  It was kind of funny when Liz came and picked me up at the hotel I was also wearing a blue gingham shirt, we started laughing and I went back to change.  That's the picture I wish I would have taken.  


Rebecca Irvine said...

You looked great! Love the outfit :-)

veryheatherly said...

Love your dress!!

Courtney said...

It was so fun to see you and liz!

Lfree said...

You look gaaar-juss! :) I read your post last night and dreamt (sp?) that I was searching the I was on the apprentice...looking for your must-have red shoes. :)

pam said...

glad you and Trav had such a good time and looked great too. Glad too that the little purse was put to good use. Do you remember when we went skiing at Purgatory and ate in a restaurant in Durango one cold winter when you were a little gitl? We all drank Shirley Temples and then kept grenadine syrup in our fridge for quite a while afterwards.

Dawn said...

Sounds like a blast! Now let's get together already. I LOVE your black dress with all the perfect accessories. You look awesome! Hope to see you soon.

Blackberry Mama said...

Hi, I loved your pictures. I can almost hear the groan of fashionistas everywhere when you called your navy blue "almost black."

I'm not a fashionista, so I get it. Thanks for the Shirley Temple recipe, btw, I'll make a pitcher this weekend for my Coming Home from the Hospital Party!

I decided to subscribe via email, that way I can keep up with your great posts.

K :) said...

Beautiful outfit!!! Where did you get the navy it. Thanks for sharing.

Amanda said...

You are one classy girl. Loved it all!!