Monday, April 18, 2011

Recovery Mode

I spent this last week with my Mom in Arizona at my sister's house babysitting her 6 kids (yep, you read that right, 6). Becky (my sister) and her husband went on a week long cruise to the Bahamas, and my Mom and I signed up to watch their family while they were gone.  So though it might not sound like a lot of fun to take care of a household of 8 children (I had mine with me) we actually quite enjoyed ourselves.  Becky's kids are really well behaved and we had fun playing with the little ones, and helping the older ones off to school and with homework etc.  My kids were pretty much in heaven playing with their cousins and enjoying the warm Arizona weather.  We didn't make it out to see all of our friends from our old side of town- so don't hate me if you're reading this or feel bad that I didn't call you.  Just remember, I was watching 8 kids.  So that involved a lot of cooking, cleaning, and laundry, but my Mom and I were able to also fit in a lot of shopping, talking, a little crafting and some Happy Hour visits to the local Sonic.  As my Dad would say, "A lovely time was had by all."

But being the little sister that I am I decided to take a few pics of Becky's house to share with you.  I didn't even ask her permission.  I just thought it would be a lot more fun for her to just see them here on my blog and be like, "hey that's my house!"  After all what good is it to be a little sister if you can't have some fun on your older sister's behalf every now and then.  And don't worry Becky, these are good pictures.  So enjoy Becky's front room while I am busy recovering at my own house.  Today is all about laundry, laundry, and more laundry.  And please don't stop by because it's after 1 o'clock in the afternoon and my kids (they are on a long Spring break) and I are still in our pajamas eating frozen pizzas because we haven't even bothered to get dressed or go to the grocery store. Cause if we got dressed, that would just make more laundry for me to do :)

This is Becky's front room that she recently redecorated.  She did some lovely board and batten and then slip covered her couch and added some end tables, pillows and lamps for pops of color.  I think it's kind of funny because in High School our school colors were orange and blue, but at the time I thought it was an awful combination.  I've seen the error of my thoughts, and in recent years I've come to love the colors together myself.

Becky made the two blue pillows herself and her friend gave her the orange round one.  She got it at Goodwill and told Becky she had to have it for her front room.  I think her friend is right, it gives such a great punch of orange whimsy.  

I love these lamps too.  I don't know where she got them, but I'm willing to bet it was either Home Goods, Marshall's or TJ Maxx.  I think my Mom and I went to 4 different Marshall's while we were in Arizona.  I really wish we had one here in Utah!  

I love the photo collage Becky did above her couch.  She chose some very simple fabrics, mirrors, a photo and some craft paper to frame, and she pulled it all together perfectly.  That's a picture of the Arizona LDS temple that 5 of my siblings and I were married in, so it's a pretty special place for our family.  

And don't you love this bicycle painting?  It sits above Becky's piano.  She made it herself.  I'm going to have to try something similar one of these days.  

So that's Becky's front room.  I hope you enjoyed it, if you did leave her a comment here so she doesn't get mad at me for sharing.  I'm hoping to get crafty this week for Easter.  I ordered a Silhouette machine that's still sitting in the box it was mailed in.  I'm a little afraid to open it.  I'm hoping it's really user friendly because I'm not all that tech savvy.  I'll let you know though and share some of the things I make with you. But for now I'll just be busy doing laundry. :)


Amy at Ameroonie Designs said...

Love the sneak peek at your sister's house. :) I'm loving the orange and blue combo too! And the bicycle picture? LOVE!

Julie said...

I LOVE the blue and orange! and the bike pic is so adorable too. I myself is a little sister to 3 older sisters. I think it is in our job description as little sisters to do things to get the older one's goat. :)

Angela said...

Awe, man. I love Becky's front room! Sorry I couldn't come down with you guys, but glad you had fun without me.

Courtney said...

The room looks great - it's been too long since I've physically been there.

veryheatherly said...

I LOVE the bike painting!

Becky said...

Boy am I flattered! Pop on over to Fancy Nancy's blog and see my own darn house there. And I don't think I ever even posted these pics at my own blog address. I'm gonna have to link up :) Thanks sooooooooo much for coming, Nancy! Everybody had an awesome week with you :)

pam said...

I think your Dad was quoting his great Aunt Hallie on the "a lovely time was had by all". But it certainly does apply!

Megan B ♥ said...

Dear Becky -- THANK YOU for your inspiration. You have emboldened me to try something crazy during our bedroom redecoration project. Or.... decoration project. Onward and upward! LOVE what you've done! LOVE LOVE!

Megan B ♥ said...

And thank you, sneaky sister Fancy for posting it :)