Sunday, April 10, 2011

Creative Estates Conference

We're off to see the Wizard, the wonderful Wizard of AZ.  Okay, not really, but this last week I took my show on the road and headed over to the Creative Estates Conference in Chandler, Arizona.

It was a Craft Bloggers conference, the first I've been to of it's kind, and I'm so glad I decided to go.  I guess you could say it was a good place to network with other creative bloggers, but for me it was just a whole lot of fun (think upscale girl's camp for crafty ladies).  I met some of the most wonderful, amazing women I've ever surrounded myself with.  Everyone there was talented, ambitious, and fun. We attended classes where different panels of bloggers shared their experiences and expertise.  I taught a class entitled:  Blonde Blogging (A Blonde's perspective on Blissful Blogging).  Just kidding.  Of course I didn't teach a single thing, I was there to learn, and soak up the blogging prowess of all my blogging "neighbors".

It was so amazing to hear from these women (they are the giants of the craft blogging world I frequent); they were the reason I went.  I loved hearing from all the women at the conference, but the main ones that were the convincing factor in my attending were Jen from Tatertots and Jello, Shelley from House of Smith's, Kami from No Biggie, and Kim from TomKat Studio.  All of these women were just as impressive in person (if not more than) as they are online.  I left the conference feeling so inspired by all the creative people around me.  At the end of the conference they announced that next year's conference will be held in Utah (yea!) so you'd better believe I will be there with bells on.

This is me with Kami and Jen, what you don't see is that Shelley from House of Smiths was the one taking the photo (I'm liking her camera angle).  I really should have gotten one with her too, but I was trying not to annoy her.  Kami and I knew each other back in my BYU days, and have since reconnected through the blogging world.  I love her blog, and have been so interested in watching her grow.    

Speaking of growing, I have an affliction to pictures of myself (I don't know about yours, but somehow my camera adds an extra 50 lbs. * I need to see about getting that fixed* ) so I really didn't take very many photos.  That right there shows you that I was having too much fun to worry about documentation.  But the other reason I didn't take very many photos was that in a sea of schmancy SLR's, my point-and-shoot felt very out of place.  But I hope to fix that in the VERY NEAR FUTURE (if anyone has advice for me on purchasing a nice camera leave it in the comments section).

 A lot of what was so much fun for me at the conference was hanging out with my friends.  Some new and some old.  The TomKat studio girls were a blast (Toni and Molly), and then there's my WhippyCake Wendy.  Wendy and I go way back and it was so much fun to spend the weekend with her.  These girls crack me up.   They had better come and stay with me next year when the conference is in my neck of the woods.  

I made a really sweet and fun new friend Cristin, but my pictures with her didn't turn out very well.  As soon as she gets her blog going I'll send you in her direction, she makes amazing jewelry. 

So even if I don't look skinny on camera my "party favor" does.   Most people at this conference handed out business cards, (which I did) but I wanted to make myself stand out more than that.  So I had some pens made with my blog address on them.  See.

I bought about 100 pens from  They were easy to make (really easy, I just sat back and watched my little brother design, upload, order and "put a bird on them" for me, it was a cinch :) and came quickly by UPS.

I had plenty of pens to go around, but I still wanted to make myself stand out to some particular people, so I decided to Fancy Nancy my pens up a bit by making cute pen pouches for them.

What do you think?  Are you loving that Robert Kauffman fabric as much as I am?  I think it kind of has a '70's Chevron vibe going on.  Plus it had some turquoise in it that matched my pens.  I'm kind of obsessing over turquoise anything these days.

I made a few more of these to hand out to some of my favorite people from the conference.

Don't they look yummy?  I pretty much like fabric as much as candy, and the fact that I can't even eat it if I wanted to is a total calorie-free bonus. 

Don't worry I'm working on the tutorial for these pen cases (pronto) so you can all make your own.


Toni said...

Why the heck didn't I get a pen???

Courtney said...

love the pens and pen cases! glad you had fun at the conference - i'm still waiting for the inside scoop.

Rebecca Irvine said...

Love these! I hope you had fun at the conference. Too bad it was rainy for you.

Jen @ said...

It was SO fun to meet you IRL! You are so beautiful!!!! Thank you so much for the adorable pen and cover. So cute!!!!

I think you are amazing!


Pink Cake Plate said...

So cute!! I am so sad I didn't get to meet you!! And I didn't get an adorable pen either!:-(

Anonymous said...

I can't give the inside scoop,
Courtney, but I could make a few comments from backstage, as one who held down the fort all by herself while Nancy partied. Glad to have you back in the trenches, but glad you had fun! Way to go, Nancy! Pam

Sarah said...

that's a lot of work, but so cute.

Molly said...

You know I loved meeting you and hanging out! I'm already prepping Andy for me being gone for the conference next year - I hope you have room on your floor or couch or whatever! Love my pen and case!

BTW... As I was reading hte beginngin of your blog I was so mad that I missed the class you taught- ha, ha... seriously I am soo tired but I really thoguth for a milisecond that you taught a class!

kami @ said...

It was so fun to see you and spend some time with you this weekend, Nancy! I love the chevron pen pouch!

I had such a fun weekend!

Mique (as in Mickey) said...

Yay Nancy! Glad that you had fun- wish I could've been there. My friend April told me she met you (she was Kami's roommate). One of these days we WILL meet up, right?
I LOVE the pens and the cases you made are ADORABLE.

CrissyG said...

Hey girl! The blog is up and I actually have two posts on there. I will be committed to this!! Miss you! Cristin :)

Leanne said...

It was so great to meet you at CE. Thanks for the cutest pen pouch ever.