Thursday, March 24, 2011

Paper Craft: Flower Topiaries

Remember My Easter wreath from last week?  Well I finally got around to making some paper flower topiaries to go with it.  I saw some similar to these at my local craft store and bought the supplies to make my own version.  They look like this.

Here's how I made them.  These were the majority of my supplies.  I bought two little robin's egg blue buckets at Hobby Lobby along with some of these half Styrofoam rounds.  I thought it'd be easier to just make the half size.  Then you'll need some craft paper cut into circles (use a paper punch or you'll be making circles all day!)  The paper cutter I used made 2 inch circles.  And you'll also need some stick pins, get the pretty ones with the pearlized tops.

Then take your circles and cut them into spirals.  Just eyeball this.  Once you get your spirals cut you kind of roll them into themselves and make a small flower shape.  Use a hot glue gun to glue the end shut, and then pin the little flower into your Styrofoam ball.

Then you just keep going and going until you finish your topiary.  You can see why I chose the half shape, much quicker.  I also switched out the ribbon on my buckets to match the flowers, I really like the black and white with the blue.  Here they are with my Easter Wreath.

What do you think?  That's my bathroom shelf.  Kind of a funny place to decorate for the holidays, but I really like the shelf.  My Father-In-Law made it and another like it for our downstairs bathrooms.  I'll have to show you the before and after on those someday.

And here's the original inspiration, I snuck this picture on my cell phone so it's not that great.  I thought these were so cute and would be a great way to use up paper scraps.  I think they used bigger circles and larger pearl pins.  So cute!


veryheatherly said...

really cute!

Amy Hightower Murphy said...

Love it! So cute!!!

Laura said...

I think Alexa and I will be doing those next week! Thanks for the idea

pam said...

I have been wondering what you would do with your cute little blue buckets. They and the other decorations look great on the custom made shelf.

Cheryl said...

Thanks for visiting my blog . . . I LOVE your paper topiaries . . . I like that you chose black and white . . . very nice . . . thanks for sharing!

PeaceLoveApplesauce said...

So, so cute!!

Katrine said...

Why, hello there! I didn't know you were a blogger! I found you through No Biggie. I love your blog!

Laura Ingalls Gunn said...

Adorable. Creative. Genius.

I am having a spring craft linky party and giveaway on my blog this Friday. I would love for you to showcase this wonderful project.

Details are on my blog today.