Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Valentine Boxes

Wow! I'm so excited about the response to the Valentine's Bunting Tutorial, so glad you all like it :)  Keep signing up for the giveaway until tomorrow afternoon when I'll pick a winner and ship it off to you.  I just wanted to show you a simple project I did yesterday.  Every year around Valentine's Day my kids come home from school telling me that they need a box to decorate and take for their Valentines.  So this year I decided to get ahead of the last minute shoe box scramble and bought some boxes and supplies at the craft store.  These were so easy and I'm really happy with how they turned out.

For each of the kids I bought a box, two pieces of 12X12 craft paper, chipboard letter stickers, and an embellishment.  With those supplies I came home and went to work with my trusty Mod Podge.

Really all I did was cut paper to fit the top, and the sides of the bottom, I didn't even bother painting the box first.  Then once I'd cut the paper I simply Mod Podged the front, let it dry completely, and then put another layer on the top and sides.  Then I hot glued a ribbon around the edge of the lid, and applied my chipboard stickers and hot glued on the embellishments.

Dallas was with  me when I picked out the supplies and didn't want anything to do with traditional Valentine's Day supplies (no hearts and mushy stuff for this 8 year-old boy).  So we went with a Sports theme for him and a little bit of red to remind everyone this was a Valentine's Box.

We decided to switch the bottoms and gave Hallie the Polka-dots.  Luckily she let me go with more of a Valentine's look on hers.

I made the little embellishment for Hallie's box using the same method I did here

Overall I thought they turned out to be pretty cute.  I think I just might need one of these for myself! 


Rebecca Irvine said...

So cute--you are lucky your kids let you make them. My girls want to do all the work themselves, which usually ends up not quite as cute as your end product.

pam said...

Lucky children to have such a telented mother! Hope you all have a fun Valentine's Day.

Miki said...

So stinkin' cute Nancy!

Becky said...

Ummm. . .hello! Those are adorable! Way 2 cute :)