Friday, February 11, 2011

Housekeeping: Family Room update

Last weekend I hosted a church social at my house.  It was kind of a hectic day getting ready for it cleaning and cooking, but once everyone got here we had a great time.  I had planned in my mind that I could get the cooking and cleaning done the day before the social and be able to relax the day of, but of course I decided to make pillows instead.  But I'm glad I got them done because I think they tie the family room together, and I can call it mostly done now.  Dallas keeps asking me why I'm constantly "changing our house," but what he calls change I call decorating.  I pretty much told him I'll never stop cause, "that's just what Moms do."  

I bought the acorn print at a local home fabric store aptly called, Home Fabrics.  It's my favorite place for home decor weight fabric.  And they yellow is a Dwell Studios print by Robert Allen (love pretty much everything by him) from  

Ignore the messy kitchen in the background, I know I was! 

I picked a winner for the bunting giveaway in the post below but I'm really hoping that some of you try to make one for yourselves.  And if you do, email me ( the pictures and I'll post them on my blog.  Can't wait to see them! 


Mallory said...

Great job! I love the pillows! Wish I had Home Fabrics out my way!

Ryan and Alicia said...

I love the pillows! The one that's on the dark brown chair in the top pic...I have the same fabric as my drapes in my kitchen...too funny!

pam said...

Love your new pillows. They look great! When do we see what you did in the kids' bedroom?

Anonymous said...

Love this! It's perfection. Totally my style in every way :]

cade+sierra+averlin said...

absolutely love your choice in fabric! I am your newest follower and we nominate your blog for the stylish award! We can't wait to see what your doing next!