Monday, January 24, 2011

Monogram Plaque tutorial

Yesterday was my Mom and my sister Becky's birthday.  I've always thought that it was fun that my Mom and her first born got to share their birthday.  I really think that having a baby on your birthday would be the most amazing gift you could ever receive, especially when it's your firstborn who welcomes you to Motherhood.

So on Saturday night we went to dinner with those of us who live around town (plus my sister Katie who was in town) to celebrate. Did I take any pictures?  Of course not, we were having too much fun gorging ourselves on Mexican food.  But I did manage a few photos of the gift I made for my Mom.  She's a hard one to shop for and always says she doesn't need any gifts.  So I decided to make her something.  This project is very similar to ones I've made before and very similar to a lot I've seen on the blogs, so nothing earth shattering.  I'm just sharing for sharing's sake.

Here it its.

I made her a Monogram of sorts out of her initial.  I had originally bought paper that had music notes on it which would have been really fitting for my very musical mother, but it blended in too much with the gold monogram (and I had to keep the glittery gold).  Anyone who has been to my Mom's house knows that she likes glittery gold so I went with this toile background instead and really like the results.  Here are the steps to make one.

Supplies:  Wood plaque from craft store (this was only a few dollars), wooden monogram (also from the craft store for like $1.50), scrapbook paper, paint, glitter, glue and mod podge.

This is so simple, just paint the edges of your plaque, I did a few coats.  Then cut your paper to fit and mod podge it into place.  I let this dry for a few hours otherwise you'll end up with pesky air bubbles.  While that's drying glitter up your monogram.  To do this I just applied craft glue and then glitter, just like you did in grade school.  Then once your plaque dries add another coat or two of mod podge on top.  Then let both of these dry over night and glue your monogram in place.

That's it!  It really is simple and hardly worth a tutorial, but I thought I'd share anyway.  I liked how my Mom's turned out so much that I made one for myself.

Mine is a little less glittery, but so is my house.  When I was making these I got to thinking that this same process would make really cute Valentine decorations so I did that too, and promise I'll show you those soon.


MarySue said...

Happy belated birthday gals. Miss all your presence in the N. Phx Stake!!! Nancy, love all your decorating and trying hard not to covet your new mirror!!!! Happy day, msk

terrah said...

Oooh, I'm excited to see the v-day ideas! I need some new valentines decorations!