Friday, December 3, 2010

Orabrush: the perfect stocking stuffer

So you've seen me brag before about my famous little brother, Austin.  He's often referred to as the "Orabrush Man."  He's the pitch man behind the Orabrush company and tongue scraper that launched on YouTube and became an Internet sensation, really, just type "Orabrush" on YouTube's search engine, and you'll see. They're everywhere.   So I thought I'd give my two cents about the product, and show you a cute pouch to put it in, because that's how I roll.

So recently I was at my local Wal-Mart here in Utah and came across my brother.  Only he wasn't really at Wal-Mart, he was just talking on TV, and his face was plastered all over Orabrushes.  This is the Orabrush display here at Wal-Mart, complete with a flat screen TV showcasing the product and its run-away YouTube campaign, and who should that be on the screen?  Austin.  And whose face is on each and every Orabrush?  Austin.

Of course I tried to find someone I knew to show this to, but couldn't find a single friend, so I snapped a picture, so I could show you! That's my brother, that's Austin.  I'm very proud. Can you tell?  Unfortunately you'll only find the product and these displays in Wal-Mart's in Utah where the company was founded.  Hopefully soon they will pick up everywhere, but until then head to their website to purchase,   Also check out the "Morgan the Tongue" videos, they are hilarious. I seriously want to invite that guy over for dinner.

Anyway I've been thinking for a while now that I wanted to make a pouch that was lined on the inside with clear vinyl, and I figured an Orabrush and toothbrush pouch would be perfect for this.  I made my pouch the same way I make them all, but I added 1 layer of the vinyl in between my two main fabrics.  DON'T DO 2 LAYERS!  Unless you have a serious commercial  machine or something this gets to be crazy thick and will break needles and possibly your machine.  Trust me.  I've worked with double layer vinyl before in purses, but the pouches don't work well, they're hard to pull through and hard to sew, so save yourself the trouble and only line the inside.  If you don't want to worry about vinyl try oil cloth, it would work really well, and probably be much easier to sew with.

Have a look see: 

Cute, right?  Notice the inside has the layer of vinyl, then when you're traveling and your Orabrush and toothbrush are wet you can simply stick them inside the pouch, no more Zip loc bags.  I'm so smart, just ask my children, I tell them all the time :)

I might not actually ever use this particular Orabrush though, I pretty much bought it for the packaging, see there's Austin!  Right on the front. 

Oh, and he's on the back too in case you missed him on the front. 

So stuff your stockings and your pouches with Orabrush this year.  You, your nose, and your tongue will be glad you did.  


brittanydaw said...

because of you, my husband and I got these in our stockings last year. Love them!

alissa said...

So cool about your brother Nancy!

abby said...

i saw him at walmart too and was so excited! it was a different display though- bigger. i also read a story about orabrush in the deseret news the other day, with quotes from austin. and your dear brother passed some orabrushes on to us through emily and i've been meaning to thank him. are you out there austin? thank you!

and i love the pouch nancy!

Ally said...

I totally am getting one for jason!!

Ally said...

wait, not that he needs it :) just the coolest thing!

emily snyder said...


i need to you think of and create beautiful homemade Christmas ornaments and decorations that i could do. kay?? :)

LOVE, em

Megan B ♥ said...

I saw the Orabrush yesterday at the checkout. I was so tempted... next time... next time...

pam said...

Horray for Austin and Orabrush!