Thursday, November 25, 2010

Thanksgiving Day Bird: A True Story

Now if you've paid any attention to my blog you might know that I have a thing for birds in my house.  We're talking home decor.  For some reason I have a weakness for cute little birds, and if I see one, I buy it.  I guess I collect them. Travis thinks this is odd.  He actually refers to this as a Grandma-like trait of mine.  But whatever, I like birds, and I buy them and put them in my house.

So this morning the kids and I were hanging out.  They were watching cartoons and I was putting together a game for the kids' table at Thanksgiving dinner this afternoon.  I kept on thinking that I was hearing a bird chirp, but passed it off as part of their cartoon noise.  Then the cartoon changed, and I still heard the bird.  So I told Dallas to mute the TV, and there was the chirp again.  Maybe there's a bird in a window well somewhere? I thought to myself.  Then I decided to play a game with the kids and said,

"Do you hear that chirping?  There's a bird in our house."

"Ya, I saw a bird in the playroom."  Hallie said.

"Oh really?  What did it look like?"  I asked.

"It's a black little bird.  And it's flying around in the playroom."  Hallie answered.

"Why didn't you say something before?"  I questioned her?

"I just forgot."  she replied.

"How could you forget there was a bird flying around in the playroom?  If you would have seen a bird you would have said something right away."  I questioned her.

"I just forgot, alright?"  She retorted.

Then more chirping.

"Mom, are you making that noise?  Are you trying to trick us?"  Dallas asked.

"No, you think I just have a bird call hidden over here somewhere?"  I answered.

Again the chirp.

"Dallas go get the bird."  Hallie said.

"I can't, I'm allergic."  Dallas replied.

"You're not allergic to birds, I'm your Mom and I would know if you were.  Go see what is making that chirping noise."  I said.

So Dallas went upstairs and came back to report that there was indeed a live bird in the playroom.

What the?

Guess what?

There was a live bird, in our house, in our playroom.  How did it get in here?  To this minute that question remains a mystery.  All our windows are shut, and we hardly even left the house yesterday.  The only conclusion I can come to was derived from my bird detective skills.  You see there were feathers on my kitchen counter (I'm not kidding).  And above that counter in the ceiling are some recessed lights.  One of these lights was broken the last time Travis was replacing it, and since it's so high up we couldn't reach it to fix it.  So we just left one of them bare, with no light in it.  I suspect the poor bird somehow came in through the attic, and then into my house through the open light hole.  That is my suspicion.  And if I was a bird I would want to come into my house as well, there's lots of friends to be found. Exhibit A.

So what did I do about the bird in my playroom?  I snapped a few pictures, screamed a little when it began to fly aimlessly, shut the door and yelled for Travis.  He on the other hand fearlessly entered the playroom, opened the window and let the bird fly free.  Problem solved.  Memory made.  Story to tell.  Happy Thanksgiving!


Lynsi said...

thanks for the coupon code, my mom is getting a Wii for the kids for Christmas so I am in need of getting some games. I'm excited to try out the kids version!!!
HOpe your THanksgiving was great!

Dave and Mandi said...

HAHAHA that is hysterical!! I love that Hallie just forgot to mention that there was a live bird in the playroom! And I am pretty sure if I were Dallas I would say I was allergic too!

Dawn said...

What a great story. I'm glad Travis was home to help you free the bird. lol. It was so fun to see you and Liz today. We really need to find a way to get together more often.

Lynette @ My Craft Discovery said...

that is just too funny!