Thursday, November 18, 2010

Pouches Galore

Keeping with my simple, easy, and inexpensive Christmas gift theme I've got going, I decided to show you a fun pouch idea.  I have had these cute recipe cards for a while (I probably got them in the Dollar section of Michael's craft store).  Anyway I thought if I put them in a cute pouch with some of my favorite recipes on them they'd make a cute gift for someone.  I think you'll like the results.

I used this cute cooking themed fabric (same fun stuff that I made Norah's apron out of) and thought it would make a cute pouch for holding recipe cards.  Cut your fabric to fit your cards, or whatever you're going to put in the pouch, mine was 16 inches long by 8 inches wide.  I used two fabrics, one for the outside, one for the inside, and then a piece of batting cut the same size.

From there you need to line up your fabrics with the right sides facing each other, and then put your batting underneath and pin them all together.  Follow the steps in this collage of pictures.  Sew up three sides of the pouch, and then pull it all through so that you're left with the top side open. See below.  

Now you simply need to tuck the open seam into itself, pin and sew. 

Now your sides are all sewn it's time to add the Velcro.

Add the Velcro before you sew up the sides of the pouch, it's much easier to sew it that way. 

 Just simply pin the Velcro in place, then sew making sure to back stitch so that the thread doesn't come out when you use your pouch.  Then you just pin your sides together and sew in place, and you're done!

But of course I think it's much cuter with a fabric flower, (click here for tutorial) otherwise it just wouldn't be as pretty :)  

Here are some other ideas for pouches, remember these are so easy and would make a great inexpensive, but not cheap, Christmas gift.

And of course don't forget about my sunglasses case tutorial, it's even easier because it only uses one piece of cotton fabric and fleece, no batting.  See it here.

If you're like me you're going to find these pouches addictive, and fun to make.  They are also fast to create and would be easy to make for all your friends. 


alissa said...

The little recipe pouches are really cute Nancy! And thanks for the reminder about your glasses pouches - I want to try to make one for my Mom.

brittney said...

These are great!!!! Would be awesome to turn into a changing pad/combo for baby =) Great base start for many many more items. Thanks!!!

Amy C said...

What a cute idea! I love that you did recipe cards in them, and also all the other stuff (ipod, glasses). And your polka dot fabric is adorable! Visiting from TT&J.
Amy @ The Happy Scraps

Libby said...

Darling and inexpensive idea! Can be adapted for anything! Love it :)