Thursday, November 18, 2010

Need a Handmade Gift Idea? Let me help you with that.

I was asked to teach a craft class tonight at my neighborhood clubhouse for the women from church and the neighborhood.  When my friend Laurie first asked me to do this I tried to come up with a new craft to make and teach.  Then I thought, well I've already made and taught a lot of crafts, I'll just point them in this direction, and all the work is already done.  Laziness?  Maybe, but I did come up with a few new things just for them.  Anyway I wanted to put all the ideas in one post so that anyone wanting to make a handmade holiday gift could simply come here and be directed to a number of tutorials that would be easy, inexpensive, and fun to make.  So here you go, enjoy! 


It's kind of fun for me to see the tutorials that I've put together this year (most of them anyways).  I really enjoy your feedback and encouragement, so thanks for following along with me.  If I find more time before Christmas I'll add to this.  Let me know if you have questions on any of this.  


The Bohemian Teacher said...

your blog is just fabulous!! thanks for sharing all these ideas!
great work!

Em said...

I want one of the Traveling Jewelry kits those are awesome! You did great tonight!

~Cari said...

Can I just tell you I think you are AMAZING! I can't believe you made up all these fun and cute projects on your own. You are so dang talented. I'm gonna find some guts one of these days and try one of your projects!

Becky said...

Sheez, girl! When you put them all in one link it shows you are Crazy Crafty! Love, love, love and really where IS that etsy shop?

Dave and Mandi said...

Nancy you are inspirational!! My mom and I LOVE everything you make! I made one of your bejeweled necklaces for me and my mom and a key chain for my husband (with out the jewels) and mother-in-law AND I'm making your chocolate caramel dipped pretzels for my co-workers for Christmas. You even make me want to learn to sew! Thanks for the great ideas! Keep them coming for 2011!!

Toria said...

wow Nancy! and so fun that your neighborhood is having craft classes. I think I'm using your fabric flower tutorial in a couple weeks for a YW/ Primary girls activity.
and I'm in definite need of making a camera pouch.

Caitlin Chase said...

Hi fancy Nancy! It is Toni's daughter Caitlin! Another little hair clip idea that is really simple is just a long strip of felt about 3 to 4 inches wide, you cut tiny little slivers next to eachother at the top. then you glue and roll. Simple!!:)

Mila said...

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