Sunday, October 3, 2010

A Beautiful Sabbath

Today has been a Sunday that for our family (as Mormons) comes every 6 months.  Twice a year we get the opportunity to break from our normal Sunday church routine and hear from our Prophet and leaders.  This is called, General Conference.  We really enjoy these Sundays because of the uplifting messages, and because we can stay home and watch the conference in our pajamas on TV.  Oh the beauty of General Conference, church in jammies, it's a good thing.  Anyway we usually cook a big breakfast and enjoy the messages and the day off.  So today that's exactly what we did, and we all really enjoyed the day.

I took this break from our regular Sunday routine as an opportunity to work on my bread making skills.  My Mom is an amazing cook, and often made homemade bread when I was a kid, but somehow I missed out on picking up that skill.  But I won't let that stop me from attaining it, I'd say my attempt today was pretty good - maybe a 6 on a scale of 1-10, but that's okay because it leaves me room for improvement.  And I'd also say that the loaf we quickly gobbled up is proof that my family enjoyed it as well.

I also made some fabric blocks for my nephew Calvin who just turned 1.  Now before you go thinking I'm the best aunt in the world (and maybe I am) I thought I'd tell you my rule of thumb for birthday presents among my family.  I have 6 siblings and so does my husband, so that means that between the two of us there are a lot of nieces and nephews running around.  My (unwritten until now) rule for birthday presents among our family members is this:  if we get invited to your party, then you get a present (and no they're not all homemade).  Not because I'm obsessed with parties, or with being invited to them, but because otherwise there are just too many people to keep up with.  So to any nieces or nephews or brothers or sisters or in-laws or out-laws who feel bad that they don't get presents from me, you either live too far away, or you didn't invite me to your party.   C'est la vie.

Anyway I got this idea from another Fancy Nancy, Nancy over at Nancy's Couture.  She showed a tutorial on some "I Spy" toy balls that she had made, and I decided to do a similar thing in block form.  So I cut 6 squares (6X6 inches) of fabric that had fun things on them: trucks, balls, stars, bugs, chickens, and cupcakes.

I then cut 6 squares of stiff interfacing as well, and sewed them together into a block leaving one seam un-sewn so that I could stuff it with fiber-fill.  

Once you have all the seams sewn save one you turn the block outside in and fill it with fiber fill.  

Then you hand stitch the remaining seam together, and you're done.  

I decided to do another block for Calvin with the colors of the rainbow.  I thought this would be fun for him to help learn his colors. 

I also appliqued a C and a 1 on them for Calvin turning 1 year old.  I did this using Wonder Under, much like I did with the circle on my kid's apron here.  I think these will make a fun game for Calvin as he gets older, you can play with him and say, "Calvin, find the bugs."  And he will have to find the square with the bugs.  Or, "Calvin find the color orange."  And then he will have to find the orange square and so on.  Fun, right?

I think they turned out pretty cute.  It's hard to make them exactly square and block like, but I think they're good enough and hope little Calvin likes them.  Thanks for the idea Nancy!


Becky said...

Love them! So cute and creative! You are the fabric Queen :) Happy Conference Weekend to You.

kristen said...

Nancy, I loved your apron tutorial so much that I took my 4 girls to Joanns and bought them each coordinating fabric and pom poms. That was our Conference activity, and it was a huge success. I'm really not very good at sewing, but 2 of my girls have machines and have had several lessons. We had 3 machines going (and a puzzle for Chris and my 2 yougest) and it turned into a great time for all. I hope you'll post a simple tutorial for each Conference...just a suggestion ;)
Thanks for helping me with a great new tradition!!
Kristen (Dawn's sis-in-law)

Becca said...

Nancy, if you want to learn how to make homemade bread, you should take a pantry secrets class: Seriously, this class changed my life, its amazing, and so easy! (no, i don't work for them, I just think they are amazing)

Larissa said...

CUTE! I viewed your entry for Crafting with the Stars, which was CUTE too. I just entered too. Fingers crossed!!!

You always make the cutest things!

Emily said...

We love the blocks. Thanks!