Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Where Do You Blog?

So Kate from Centsational Girl (one of my daily reads) is hosting a "Where Do You Blog?" Link party.  Being the last minute kind of gal that I am I decided to link up on the tail end of her party.  This picture is blurry -I had just gotten the camera I used and didn't know how to use it very well (still don't truth be told).  But you get the idea.  This is my desk in My Office (I like saying that, and I like using parentheses) from which I blog.  This picture was taken a while ago (last year around Christmas from the looks of my magnet board) and I don't have the same chair anymore.  Travis took it to His Office but I didn't really like it anyway.  Sure it was comfortable, but it didn't look right in the space.  Way too manly for My Office (see, I said it again).  I have a chair in my basement that I picked up from a Thrift store and am planning to re-do for the space.  I'll be sure and show you when I get it done.   And then I'll take another picture that I promise will be much less blurry (grainy, whatever).  Head over to Kate's to see some more fun blogging spaces!


Emily said...

I still love that orange lamp.

Want to go up Provo Canyon Friday night for a picnic/campfire?

Rene said...

Very nice. Love those colors and the little turquoise table is perfect!


Rebecca Irvine said...

Your space is much nicer and neater than mine. I need to get my space organized. If I ever had the time!