Thursday, September 23, 2010

House Party

So back in the pre-fire days of last weekend we hosted another House Party that I had won from  Now either I have really good luck (I don't) or these things are pretty easy to "win."  You see there is this website called House Party and they post a lot of different parties that they are looking for hosts for.  So far I've hosted three.

This time I was hosting the party for Dallas as it was a Star Wars Clone Wars Season Premiere Party.  I didn't tell him about this before I applied because I didn't want to get his hopes up, but once I won I quickly spread the news and both kids were really excited.

After we won, we got a package in the mail from Hasbro and Cartoon Network full of action figures, games, a promotional CD, Clone Wars Tattoos and coupons for all of the guests. We had party stuff for 10 guests, so we covered that mostly with local cousins who are big Star Wars fans.  The House Party website is great because it provided a lot of help to plan your party along with games and ideas for decorating.

The only thing they ask in return is that you blog, facebook, tweet, or basically use social media to talk about your party.  Thus this post.  Aside from blogging about this to fulfill my obligation, I think it's a great website.  All the parties we've hosted have been a big success and the best part, everything is free!  So head over and check out the upcoming parties to see if any one of them look like something you'd be interested in.  Fill out a few applications and if you're "lucky" like me you'll probably find yourself hosting a few.  Good luck!


pam said...

What a fun time for the kids who were lucky enough to get invited, and all with free stuff. They all look like they're having fun. What did you do for activities and did they send theme refreshments?

Rebecca Irvine said...

Maybe they will have something for my son's 13th birthday coming up. Thanks!

brittanydaw said...

so unfair! i applied for that party (and didn't get it!)! Fun for you, though!

Emily said...

Thanks for inviting us.