Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Who Ya Gonna Call?

So I fully realize that this post will mostly appeal to family and friends of my children, so if you don't fall into that category you are more than welcome to excuse yourself from reading, I won't be offended.

Over the weekend Dallas and Hallie performed in a local kids production called, "We Built This City on Rock and Roll."  Sounds exciting, right?  It was.  They had so much fun learning dances and songs from the 80's with some silly dialogue and story line that weaved them all together.  My kids were in the chorus, in fact Hallie was in the boy's chorus.  But she didn't seem to mind.  After all she was acting right, why not play the part of a boy?  Anyway I got them into this play a little late and they had already filled all of the girl spots, but they needed more boys so she agreed along with some other little girls to be in the boy's chorus.  Dallas initially had to be talked into doing this, but had a lot of fun in the end (I knew he would!).

In this number they are singing, GirlBusters- to the tune of GhostBusters.  Like I said, Hallie was supposed to be a boy.

Across the field from the pavilion where the play was there was Little League Football practice going on.  Travis sat up there and watched football for a little while before the play waxing nostalgic on his football days.  He told me later that he never would have imagined that if there was play practice and football practice going on at the same time that his kids would be the ones in the play.  I guess that's what he got when he married me.  But I think he agreed that it was a really fun experience for the kids, and maybe even more fun for the parents to watch.   

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pam said...

Glad the kids had a good time. They and the fun play look great. Glad they got to participate.