Wednesday, August 25, 2010

What time is it?

When I was a kid my friends and I liked to film ourselves - we'd do things like beauty pageants, movies, and my personal favorite, the nightly news.  There would  usually be 3-4 of us sitting in a row at the kitchen table and we'd start with a person at one end and say, "what time is it?" then turn our head to look at the person next to us who then would repeat, "what time is it?" and so on until we go to the last person who would say, "it's time for the 10 o'clock news."  Then we'd go on to report on all of the days important events.  You see it's all in the attention getter folks!  I could have skipped that whole journalism degree thing, I think I had that down at 12.

So to you I say, "what time is it?" and I'm hoping you'll answer, "it's time to start making your Halloween decorations!"  What?  I know.  It's kinda early.  On Sunday night I got the itch though, the one I get every year about this time to decorate for Halloween.  I asked Travis if he thought it was too early to put out my decorations and he replied, "don't even think about it."  So of course when Travis tells me not to think about something, well then that's officially all I can think about.  Anyway I'm only thinking about them.  But a lot of why I'm thinking is that my friend asked me to make a few things to sell at her boutique that she's having mid October. So since the boutique is before Halloween my mind went straight to Halloween decorations.  And if I'm going to make something and try to get someone to pay me for it I've got to test the idea, right?

So here's a cute project I came up with.  I had gotten these two snazzy framed photos at the D.I. the other day.  (The D.I. is a local thrift store).  I wasn't so much interested in the pictures in these frames as much as I was the frames themselves.

The price was right, but I knew they'd need a little work. 

I'm a sucker for a nice frame that is oval shaped, and these fit the bill.  Although when I started taking these apart I realized that these photos were from a gallery in San Francisco and are even signed by the  
photographer so I'm thinking of hitting up the Antiques Road Show next week.  But back to my frames.  Like I said I liked their shape, but not so much the color.  So I pained them black.

Then to satisfy my fixation on all things silhouette I googled Halloween Silhouette and came up with some Halloween silhouettes to put into my black frames.  It was as easy as that, you should try it.  The cat I actually just printed off and cut out (don't sue me).

And the witch I drew myself from some ideas I had seen.  I mostly wanted her to have a hat, a pointy chin, and a nose with a big mole.  When I showed the witch head to Hallie and asked her what she thought it was she said a parrot, but Dallas knew it was a witch right away.  I figured 1/2 wasn't so bad and I framed her right up.  

What do you think?  These were really just that simple.  I didn't even glue the pictures onto the orange card stock, I simply put them into the frames.  If you don't find an image you can print and cut out just trace it onto black card stock and then cut it out.  

I was thinking if you don't have nice San Franciscan Art Gallery frames like me you could just make yours like these silhouettes I did of my kids.  See that tutorial here.  

Anyone ever heard of this photographer, if he's famous and his photos will make me rich, let me know. 


Rebecca Irvine said...

Super cute! I think your witch is perfect. Great job at free handing it.

Steph said...

Cute Halloween projects! Get ready to craft next week!

And, I am proud to say that I was one of those news reporters! I am glad you have such a great movie. I bet Dawn has the video somewhere...we should find it!

I emailed you a few pics that you requested.

the thrifty ba said...

this will show my age, but there wasnt video cameras wheni was a kid-we had to use tape recorders when we did 'talk shows'!
im ready for halloween too-enough of the 90 degree weather already!

Trisha said...

I love this idea! I can't wait to get my fall decorations out-but my husband refuses to get my stuff out of the attic until the end of September! Party pooper! I am also looking forward to using your tutorial on the silouhettes for my Christmas craft project with my nieces and nephews!


Trisha said...
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Mindy Kuen said...

so very cute - your cute idea has me thinking fall.....

pam said...

Love what you did with the old frames!

lauriedavies1 said...

Hello from phoenix! Love this craft, I can even do it!!! I am so glad you are blogging again. bobby left this morning for denver so I haven't checked any blogs for awhile, as we have been getting things ready for his move. It made my day today to see you and the kids pictures. You are an amazing mom and friend and there are so many things about you I aspire to emulate. Please don't stop got me started reading these things you know :)