Friday, August 27, 2010

Birthday Goodness

Recently I helped my friend Stephanie throw a birthday party for her sweet little Ellie.  When I say "helped" I use that term very loosely because basically I just showed up and did glitter toe pedicures, Stephanie did all the planning and decorating.  She's such a talented lady, and the party turned out so cute that I asked her if I could share it with you!

Here's a picture of the birthday girl and her cute mom Stephanie is in the background, I love it because they look so much alike that it's like looking into Ellie's future and Stephanie's past.  Notice the craft apron Ellie is wearing, that was my gift to her.  Would you like to see a tutorial on that?  Maybe I'll have to make another one and do a tutorial, it was really easy.

Stephanie has a very classic sense of style.  I keep encouraging her to start her own style blog (she has a private family one) I think I'll be able to convince her one of these days, and when she does I'll be sure to share it with you.  I think I should do a blog post just on her cute house.  It has the most amazing trims and decorations, so it alone made a great backdrop for the party.  But I loved how she used cute scrapbook paper to make pinwheels, buntings, and treats for the girls to take home.

To make her paper bunting Stephanie used cute scrapbook paper and a circle cutter.  She not only cut holes in the sides with a whole punch, but she used some grommets so that the bunting would stay together really well.  Then she tied each circle together with coordinating ribbon.  She had our other friend Mandy use her vinyl cutter to make the letters.  Clever girls those two.

Here's the fun table setting.  I love the pinwheel centerpiece.  Again she just used scrapbook paper that had a double sided print and cute brads to hold them all together.  Then she glued them onto skewers and stuck them into some floral foam.

She made extra large pinwheels and hung them from her light fixtures, such a fun idea! 

For a craft for the girls Stephanie gave them pink flip flops and let them decorate them with flowers, ribbon, and rhinestones.  

Then, like I said, we gave the girls pedicures with glitter toes.  You can see a tutorial for that here. 

Then, as if the shoes weren't enough Stephanie had cute treat bags for everyone to take home.  I loved how Stephanie made these.  She had vellum bags that she folded a piece of scrapbook paper onto at the top, punched two holes and used cute ribbon to tie it all together, so cute. If you're wondering where she got the paper at she said she bought it in a coordinating pack at Michael's.

Thanks for letting me share Stephanie!  We've known each other since we were around Ellie's age, and I very much cherish our friendship and admire her so much, she's one talented lady.


Courtney said...

If you aren't going to move to my street in San Diego, you should head back to Phoenix. You, Stephanie and Mandy would be a great team!

Twin Inspiration said...

I was given a blog with substance award, and was allowed to chose 10 other blogs to give one to. I hope you stop by my blog to pick yours up.


Recia said...

Nancy this is Recia from Peoria. You might be surprised to find out that I'm a Nancy follower. Love your blog and all your ideas. I'm not a blogger nor do I facebook or twitter. (whatever that is) I've never commented before and hope that I'm doing this right. I wanted to comment on your last post regarding your heartach and your struggles with infertility. I don't know how you feel but I do know that when we wanted more children we decided on foster care. Knowing that we were helping Heavenly Fathers children was a great blessing to our family. Some babies had to go home and some babies stayed. We just adopted our third on July 3rd of this year. I look at my three little ones that came to us thru foster care and I see them as little miracles. They have truly blessed our home. There is another couple in Rose Valley that just finished with their license and they were just placed with a sweet baby boy. Just think of the blessings that will come your way by heling these little spirits. I got really involved and even became friends with some of the parents. They were very happy to know that their children (child) was in a safe and loving enviroment. I could go on because this is a passion of mine but I will spare you. I saw a bill board by the air port in Salt Lake that read "Be a branch in someone elses tree, foster adopt." Loved that saying. Take care and keep blogging.