Thursday, July 15, 2010

Sunglasses Case Tutorial

** This tutorial was previously a guest post I did for Mique at 30 days, but I thought I'd repost it here to have on my blog as well.  Enjoy! **

Hi!  Nancy here, from My Blonde Ambitions.  I'm excited to be guest posting again for Mique during her Funner in the Summer series.  I don't know about you, but a lot of my "crafts" are born out of necessity.  I recently went to Puerto Rico with my husband Travis and the day before I left on the trip I thought, "I could really use a sunglasses case."  So I made one.  I thought it was so simple and clever that I wanted to share it with you.  I've made and seen similar little cases like this before, but I like this one the best (how's that for confidence?).  This case is so quick and easy it would be a fun beginning sewing project. Before I show you the how to I thought I'd keep your attention with a picture of the final product.

Cute, right?  Now on to the tutorial.

So if you've read any of my tutorials before you know that I'm a visual learner/teacher and I like a lot of pictures.  I think you could have your own sunglasses case made in the time it takes you to view all of these pictures (I really tried my best to condense and edit) but there's a still a lot of pictures, just bear with me and I promise I'll be your new best friend by the tutorial's end.

You could make a case like this in any size you want, but for my purposes (and my sunglasses) I made mine out of two pieces of fabric that I cut 5 inches wide by 18 inches long.  

Here's the clever part.  Instead of using quilt batting in the middle of two pieces of cotton prints I used one piece of a cotton print, and one piece of fleece.  

(Now I'm not lying when I tell my kids their Mom is "one smart cookie" :) 

Besides giving cushion to your sunglasses the fleece keeps them from getting scratched.  Smart, right?  

Line your two pieces of fabric up right sides together with the cotton print facing the fleece, pin in place, and sew around the two sides and bottom edge leaving the top open.

Then pull your fabric through itself like you're turning a sock outside in. Isn't it nice when those laundry skills come in handy?  It's just like in Karate Kid: you're learning sewing skills when you think you're doing laundry just like Danielson was learning Karate while waxing cars.  Like I said, I'm really smart.    

Once you've got your case turned nicely push the open top in about 1/2 inch or so, pin and then sew closed.

Then get your sunglasses or whatever you plan to put in your case out, and measure how high you need the pouch part of your case to come up.

But before you sew up your pouch it's much easier to sew on your Velcro at this stage.  Once you've sewn your Velcro on go ahead and pin and sew up the sides.

And guess what?  You're done, it really is that simple.  

Now if you're anything like me you might want a little embellishment (the icing on the cake).  Why not pin on   one of my fabric flowers?  Check out that tutorial here.


Katie's Nesting Spot said...

The fabric flower is what really puts this over the top in cuteness. I love the combination of yellow and green.

Trisha said...

I have to try this-thank you so much for the pictures to help me!

Staci J said...

That is soo cute!! I totally want to make one! Visiting from the weekend wrap up party

Krissa said...

please do not apologize for all the pictures...
i need the pictures...i love the pictures...
my friend just sent me this tutorial and i love browsing the rest of your blog for more ideas...LOVE it!!!! so cute!
Thank You!!!!

SarahJarnagin said...

I LOVE this tutorial. I made a sunglasses case last week on the fly and it didn't turn out nearly as cute as this one. I love it and will be sewing one this week!

Nancy said...

How cute! I love the embellishment. I am your newest follower.

Jessica Pridmore said...

Very cute! Love the material you used and I also love the pictures - very helpful! Think I'll be making one of these for my mum and myself this week :)

Amber money said...

Did you sew the velcro by hand? I am attempting this soon, after I figure out how to thread my Mom's sewing machine!! LOL Thanks!!

Betsyrae said...

You are very clever, love your site :))

Natalia Hernandez said...

Your tutorial rocks- thanks for sharing!