Thursday, June 10, 2010

Oh the possibilities...

My sweet neighbor, and friend, Laurie showed up the other day with a bag full of these little goodies.  

Laurie said she was helping her Mom clean out a closet and they came across these cameo-type pins.  Her Mom asked her if she wanted them, and she said no, but that she knew someone who would.  That someone was, me!  I love them, Granny lace and all.  What do you think I should make with them?  What would you make with them?  I probably have enough to share if someone comes up with a really clever use.

Thanks Laurie!  I'm going to come up with something good, and convince you that Nancy Granny Style can be chic.  Ooh La La.


Jenglamgirl said...

Ohhh' share share!!!
these are great. what great loot you received.

A CUTE NECKLACE FOR SURE. Use one and attach it to costume pearls with some other fun charms or something.

THEY WOULD be so cute on some vintage made cards, or a cute vintage banner... with other vintage embelishments.

THEY WOULD be cute glued to an old frame with an old vintage black and white pic.

My mind is racing... TO FUN! Jenn

trippingtiffies said...

Share!! LOL that would be a gorgeous hair clip! Or slightly on the side of a pearl necklace! I can't wait to see what you come up with! LUCKY!


janimal said...

Oh I love cameos! My Mother gave me a cameo pin on my 21st birthday. I treasure it.

I think one would be really really cute on a little black purse. Maybe replace the white lace with some ruched red ribbon to make it POP.
Yeah, definitely some red ribbon. I would wear one of these with that punch of red on a little black dress or my blk/white polka dot dress. Cute!

Put one on a headband for Hallie to wear all dressed up.

Ooh, I know! A black girls or ladies coat. Replace the top button as a snap, and sew in one of there where the button goes. Would be a nice dramatic detail to a simple black jacket!

I like the above idea to add to a picture frame. Depending on the style of your home these would be cute embellishments for home decor.

What a great find!

Rebecca Irvine said...

I think they would be cute as buttons on a pillow made with a cute black and white fabric of some sort.

Toria said...

I'm sure you'll come up with something great.
I think you should definitely turn them into jewelry.
I like the idea of using it with beads/ pearls and attaching as is (lace and all) to the side (like you did with your other flower/bead necklaces)
then I think you should use the rest of your cameos, take a dremel tool and drill tiny holes in the side (maybe 2 each side, maybe one?) and link them together all the way around your wrist to make a bracelet. Sort of like how old coins or typewriter keys are made into bracelets.

can't wait to see what you come up with,

Megan B ♥ said...

I don't know, but they look like elegant chocolates to me. I think I need to eat some lunch....

Debbie Jean said...

I looked at them and said oh my so pretty, those would make pretty barettes.Whatever you decide, make sure you let us see too!!

God Bless~
Debbie Jean

Nora said...

First thing I saw in my noggin was a wreath for a craft area or bedroom...wrapped in burlap strapping with those yummies glued/pinned on! What a fantastic find & lucky you to be on the receiving end.

pam said...

Just can't wait to see the picture of what you do with them.

Candace said...

I hope that you used a pair for cute shoe clips.