Thursday, June 3, 2010

A Birthday Shirt for the Birthday Boy

Don't worry.  Hallie may have gotten a new skirt, but Dallas was not forgotten.  My sweet boy is turning 8 this weekend.  8!  When did that happen?  I can't even talk about it or I start to tear up.  I wanted him to have a new birthday shirt to wear  to school.  I decided to go with a bit of a sports theme and made it with a sports jersey feel.  I realize this is technically a baseball style shirt, but Dallas' main sport is soccer, so it was soccer we went with.

I bought these iron-on letters at Wal-Mart ($0.47 a piece) along with some sports fabric.  I probably could have found something cuter, but didn't feel like going anywhere else, so this did the trick just fine.

This is the same process I used on my patches for Hallie's jeans with the Wonder Under.  

I first printed off an 8 that I liked and cut it out.  

Then I used that as my template for my iron-on.  I just traced around the template with a sharpie onto my fabric that I had Wonder Undered up.

Then I cut that out, ripped off the paper backing, and ironed it onto his shirt along with the letters to make his name.  But inside the shirt I ironed on some of this stabilizer to make it easier when I zig zaged the edge of the eight.  I'd recommend this step, it makes for much smoother results.

Once you have your number ironed on and your stabilizer in place head to your sewing machine to outline the whole thing with a zig zag stitch.  You don't have to do this step, (and then this would be a no sew project) but I like the look of the stitching, and think it will help the shirt to last longer.

And there you have it, one eight-year-old-birthday-boy-shirt for one eight-year-old-birthday-boy.  

I thought that the front looked a little plain with the back all jerseyed up, so I added this small soccer ball that I had cut out from the fabric.

He liked it.  That's all that matters to me, Happy (early) Birthday Dallas! 


Dawn said...

LOVE it! I actually wanted to hire you to make Lola a shirt for her first birthday. I will be calling you about that!!

Lynette @ My Craft Discovery said...

I love this! How fun. I like the look of the stitching too.

Angela said...

Happy Birthday Dallas! And cute shirt Nanc!

pam said...

Congratulations Dallas on having such a tallented mother so that you can have such a great birthday shirt. Have a Happy Birthday! We will celebrated with you and the other June birthdays later in the month.

Becca said...

Oh I love it!! But you got me on the sewing part...argh!! Just can't do it...


cj said...

It's time to confess that I stalk your blog. I love your projects and your incredible creativity. (BTW I'm Mandi Freestones Mom). I've gotten so many great ideas from you. Thanks!!!

The Peach.... said...

this is absolutely are the cute skirts you made!