Thursday, May 6, 2010

Patches and Puj

I am really hoping that blue jean season is almost over because my kids' blue jeans are on their last leg (no pun intended).  Since I don't want to buy new jeans in the sizes they are in right now I'm trying my best to make the jeans that they already have last.  I don't know what it is with my kids' left knees, but that is where they seem to get holes in their pants, maybe it's in their genes (okay seriously, I am done with the puns). So I thought I'd show you my answer to patching them up.

First I pulled out a scrap of cute fabric and some Wonder Under.  For anyone unfamiliar with Wonder Under let me introduce you to an amazing product.  This is made by Pellon, and it's sold by the yard and found at the fabric store in the interfacing section.  It is kind of paper like, but has an iron transferable coating that can make any fabric into iron-on fabric.  Let me show you.

First you need to cut a square of Wonder Under that is big enough to cover your hole.

Then you iron the Wonder Under rough side down onto the back side of your fabric.

Once your Wonder Under and fabric are fused together take a Sharpie and draw the shape you want your patch to be.  For Hallie's pants I've used a heart shape.

Then take some scissors and cut out your shape.  Once you've done this you can peel off the paper part of the Wonder Under and it should leave a rough coating on your fabric, this can then be ironed over the hole in your jeans.

Now you have a patch.  If you don't sew, you could stop at this step.

But I like to zig zag with my sewing machine around this to make sure that my patch stays secure.  This step is a bit tricky and precarious when sewing onto jeans, just make sure you aren't sewing the pant legs together when you sew.

Now you have a sweet patch that will be the envy of all the Kindergartners, and show your daughter just how much you love her.

Now to patch Dallas' holes I turned to my sister Katie.  She recently posted a great tutorial for patching up boys' jeans.  You can find her tutorial on her blog here.   Her patching leaves the rugged look of the hole, but makes it secure so that it won't get any bigger.

And speaking of my sister Katie, tomorrow (May 7) is a huge day for her and her company, Puj.  She and her husband invented and designed a revolutionary baby bath tub that will be highlighted on the Ellen show tomorrow.  That's right, Ellen is going to have an audience full of pregnant women on, and is giving each of them a Puj tub.  So set your DVR's.  I know mine is set, and my family is set to have a viewing party next week to celebrate, we can't wait!


pam said...

I guess it is payback time. You as a child were hard on your clothes, even hand-me-downs that previous owners had not put holes in, you managed to. I think it was because you liked to dig for bugs out in the yard. Anyways, great patches! and thanks for reminding about the Ellen show and the Puj tub. I have it on the callender.

Laura said...

I am such a lamo! I set my DVR for Tuesday and then realized it was the wrong day. Oh well, I will set it again. I am so excited that someone I know is so cool!

My kids are hard on their jeans too. I think I will actually be trying these patches! Thanks Nance.

Katie said...

I love the heart patch Nancy. It's a great feminine take on knee patches. And I can't wait to watch Ellen with the Puj Tub....YAHOO!!!

Dusty said...

I think I am psychic or something. I didn't know when the Puj Tub was going to be highlighted on Ellen but I totally dreamed about it last night. So weird. I love all of your tutorials. Now if I just had time to try a few.

Jen said...

I went to the Babies R Us website and saw in a featured ad the Puj Tub. It also had a heading that said "As seen on Ellen". So not only is Ellen featuring it, but Babies R Us is also. Bravo to your sister for being so inventive. I seriously think that this is going to replace the typical tubs. I've been in groups of people where someone talked about it or mentioned it and how cool it is. I always enjoy saying "Oh, a friend of mine from College's sister invented that." It's definitely the talk of the baby town.!

Baker Family said...

I LOVE this patch. I never thought of a patch for girls! Too cute :)

I gave you an award on my blog. Please come over and pick it up :)



Nancy said...

Thanks for the award Risa! But every time I click on your profile it says it's unabled, and I can't get to your blog. If you see this leave your address here so I can come by. Thanks!

Sandra said...


Megan B ♥ said...

WOW, both of these are FANTASTIC ideas. THANK YOU!!