Sunday, April 25, 2010

Weekend Treats

Man I love a good picture of a cupcake almost as much as I love a good cupcake. So whenever I take the time and energy to make cupcakes I take pictures of them. You know, they last longer that way, because the real thing sure doesn't last long at our house. I made these cupcakes because we had a ward talent show this weekend that I somehow got dragged into being a part of. Singing and dancing on stage may be a secret dream of mine, but I kind of hoped to keep it in the dream stage until I got a body like Madonna and a voice like Idina Menzel. And neither one of those things seem to be happening any time soon. But now that talent show over, and the embarrassment is behind me, I have to admit that I had a lot of fun. Some of the youth leaders from church put together a song and dance number with the song, "You Can't Stop The Beat" from Hairspray, but we changed the words to be "You Can't Stop Our Youth." It was silly, but fun, and meant to be funny, and not serious. And that's about the only kind of talent that I have as far as talent shows go: the silly and funny kind. For the cupcakes I used the same cake recipe that I live and die by, you can find it here.

And speaking of a fun treat on the weekend, if you live in or around Southern California plan on attending the Queen Bee Market next Saturday. My friend Mique from 30 days is putting this together with her cute sister, and the line up of vendors looks amazing. I wish I lived close enough to go! Maybe they can hold a virtual boutique if there are any leftovers for those of us who live out of town. Check out the blog they set up to show the vendors, so much talent, and so many cute things. I'm thinking there is a lot you could buy at the boutique, and take home to your husband for him to give you for Mother's Day. I've gotten the best gifts that way:)


Anonymous said...

the cupcakes were divine. thanks for thinking of me--I definitely needed it!

Mary said...

Hi, Nancy!
Your cupcakes are very tasty! I'm not working, I am engaged with my daughters. I also have a hobby. My husband was joking at first, but now respects my hobby:)))
I like to sew, but when there is free time, I bake cakes and muffins.
Sorry for my English:)
Goodbye, Mary.

pam said...

Perfect looking cupkakes! I guess I should stick with them instead of trying to make checkerboard cakes!

erin said...

Nancy, I wish you would have pointed out to me that you made those cupcakes! I'm sad I missed trying them. The talent show was fun. I couldn't get that song out of my head all weekend.