Thursday, April 22, 2010

A little Wicked

Hallie is in a musical theater class and they are doing a production called the Wonderful Witches of Oz. It's a compilation of Wicked, The Wizard of Oz, and a little Grease thrown in for good measure. Their production is coming up and she's really excited to perform, she's a munchkin. Anyway I thought I'd take their logo and turn it into a necklace for Hallie, her teacher, and her little friend that she goes with. I think they turned out kind of fun.

I had my brother Austin help me recreate the logo in Photoshop. We decided in smaller form it looked better to make the witch big. Then I printed a bunch off and cut them into circles to fit my little wooden medallion. It has a 1 1/2 inch radius.

Then I painted the wood black and used mod podge to glue on the paper. I think it works best if you put the mod podge onto the wood, it makes the paper less likely to buckle.

It looks like this, but then dries like the second picture. After it's dry I put a layer of mod podge onto the whole thing and let that dry.

Then I used one of my favorite craft supplies: Diamond Glaze (I've found the best deals for this are on eBAY, I've never found it in an actual craft store) to give it a shiny glass like surface. To apply the Diamond Glaze you start on the outside perimeter and fill in until it's completely covered and looks like the third picture. YOU MUST LEAVE IT ALONE AT THIS POINT AND LET IT DRY! I've ruined a couple projects being impatient. So I just moved these somewhere that they wouldn't be bothered and let them dry over night. If you don't have the patience to order the Diamond Glaze online the Triple Thick is a great second option and can be bought at Hobby Lobby.

The next day it will look like this. Fun, right? But of course I wanted to add some bling to make it fancier. I just used some Gem Tac and my trusty tweezers to apply these cheap rhinestones, the same way I did on the rhinestone flip flops.

Then I super glued on a silver bail (I also buy these on eBay) to make it a necklace charm. You only need one bail per necklace, but I wanted to show you what the back looks like, that's why there are two in the picture. You simply put a drop of super glue on the middle part of the back and attach it to the necklace and wait for it to dry. Then, TA DA! What do you think? Cute, right? She's going to give one to her teacher today, I hope she likes it. We make necklaces and brooches like this all of the time. If you don't know how to use Photoshop (or don't have a brother who does) check etsy, they have tons of cute collage papers they sell for this exact purpose. This is the same method used to make the scrabble chip necklaces etc. We also like to use stickers and scrapbook paper. These are a great project for young kids, and turn out really cute.

And because I couldn't leave you without a treat I thought I'd taste test these pretzel m&m's for you, you know take one for the team and all. Let me tell you, these little nuggets are tasty. And the best part is the whole package is only 150 calories and 5 grams of fat, way better than a candy bar. They are just what they say, an m&m surrounding a pretzel, yum! And they're even better if you're drinking them with a Diet Coke (I like mine topped off with Cherry Coke, yum!).


pam said...

The necklaces turned out fantastic! They are so cute. Of course Hallie likes hers so I hope the teacher does too. What a great idea and I really like the added bling.

Laura said...

I went to find the pretzel M&Ms. I love the combo. I put them together all the time. I couldn't find them here yet but we don't get things here as quickly. I will be on the lookout. Where did you get yours? The necklaces are darling. I wish I was a fun, creative mom like you:)

Sandra said...

These necklaces are so cute. I'm tagging you for a blog game. Stop by if you want to play.

Jason said...

this is really Stephanie from Anyway...these are really cute! I want to try it out! Also...I like the pretzel m&m's...but would prefer regular chocolate covered pretzels. But now that you point out the nutritional info...I like them even better!

Wendy said...

I just found your blog. I love it. I also LOVE that there is such thing as pretzel M&Ms. I will be looking for those very soon. Thanks for the great info all around! :)