Saturday, March 13, 2010

Snowy Saturday

Earlier this week the weather man predicted snow. It was a beautiful Spring day. For this weekend the weather man predicted beautiful Spring days. We got snow. The weather man lies. I don't like the weather man, or Spring snow really, but what are ya gonna do?

Both of my kids have been sick all week, sore throats, coughs and finally last night for Hallie a fever and earache, so this morning was spent at the InstaCare and too much money was spent on co-pays and drugs, but everyone seems to be feeling a little bit better this afternoon. We're hoping to get them all better before their cousins come to town. Sorry Becky! Snow and sickness, maybe you should stay in Arizona. Just kidding, don't worry, snow melts and hopefully the kids will be better soon :)

So since people are sick, and it's been snowing we decided to try to find some cheap entertainment at home. Dallas and Travis have been trying to save the Galaxy XBox style all afternoon, and Hallie and I have been trying to brighten our universe paper craft style. We needed to come up with some crafts that didn't require a trip to the store since I didn't want to go out in this weather, so we decided to try our hand at some Spring Pinwheels. We downloaded Heather Bailey's pinwheel how to and went to town. They were pretty fun and I was surprised how well the kids turned out, I just traced the template for them and they cut them out themselves. Then we glue guned on some buttons for embellishment and then glued the whole thing to some spray painted chopsticks.

These are mine and Hallie's.

And this is Dallas'.

Cute, huh? You should try them.

And earlier this week I transitioned my Valentine's decorations into Easter. Yes, I just barely put away the Valentine's stuff, but I didn't even put it all away, mostly I added to it. Maybe the Easter stuff will come down before the 4th of July, just maybe.

Now that we're on the topic of decorations what do you think about my new sign? I just got this a few weeks ago at Hobby Lobby. Remember I was wanting something for above the pantry? This is what I finally decided on, I think it's cute.

And this is something else I picked up this week, but I'm still trying to decide if I'm keeping it or not. Travis keeps on telling me that the walls in our family room are bare (like I didn't notice). I just haven't been sure how to fill them, or had the budget to do what I wanted. So anyway I saw this painting this week and was drawn to it's colors. But I'm not 100% sold. What do you think, should it stay or should it go?

And here's a sneak peek at another project I'm working on, can you spot it? What do you think I might do with it? If it turns out cute I'll show you, for now it's still a work in progress.


Anonymous said...

I am a blog stocker from the blogospere. I have been following you for a while now. I love your craftiness! You are so creative. I didn't know if you heard, but you were featured on the 30days blog! Congrats!

Lfree said...

Super cute projects!
I like the artwork too. It looks like it's really big - couldn't tell the scale of it for sure, but it looks like your style & colors. Really cute. I had to check out the blog above. You're becoming famous before our eyes :) So cool.

Nancy said...

Thanks for the tip anonymous, I didn't know I was featured, but fun to see, Mique who runs that blog is a college friend of mine, such a cute girl!

Keith and Lynsi said...

hey congrats!!! I always love to see what your creating! Hope your kiddos feel better soon! Oh and hope warm and sunny days are in the forcast, maybe you should plan a trip down this way!

Angela said...

Cute pinwheels, and I vote you keep the painting. And I like your cell phone cases too. Love the fabric!

pam said...

Dittos to Angela's comment. I really like the pinwheels and think you should keep the painting. I like the colors and love poppies.

Megan B ♥ said...

I have only recently become acquainted with Hobby Lobby. I found some awesome salt and pepper paintings that are going above my pantry. It needed something!