Sunday, March 21, 2010

It's not delivery, it's Digiorno!

Do you like hosting parties? I do. Do you wish you could have free food for your parties? I did. And guess what? You can. Here's how. Head over to and fill out an application to host a party, if you get picked the company sponsoring the party will send you a party pack filled with party ideas, gifts, and coupons for free food. Sound fun? It was. Here's the proof.

Okay so I saw this idea on Studio 5, a local morning show here that I love, so I signed up, and guess what? I got picked. So fun. Last night I hosted a Digiorno Pizza party with my family to coincide with March Madness. And, as luck would have it, our team was even playing. Too bad BYU lost though, that was a heart breaker, sorry Jimmer! Maybe your brother can write a rap about it.

During the party we came to some family conclusions:

1) Nancy is crazy, and does crazy things just for an excuse to have a party. She also talks about herself in third person.

2) Digiorno pizza is really pretty good, especially when the pizza also comes with free breadsticks, score.

3) We have a new slogan for the Digiorno Pizza company: "DigiorNo? More like DigiornYes!"

Okay that last one was just Austin being silly, but still we had a good time with good people and good food. What more do you need for a party? Head on over to to see for yourself! We had so much fun that we'll be doing this again in a few weeks with my in-laws.


pam said...

We're so glad you like to have parties, Nancy, and that you invited us. We had a great time. Thanks for hosting us, we love to come to parties at your house, you are talented at picking you party guests too!

Mandy said...

Nancy, you crack me up. I love observation #1. Wish i lived closer so I could come.

the queen bee said...

Nancy how fun!! I just went on the site and signed up for a few. There are some good ones on there. I'll let you know what happens. ;)

Mique (as in Mickey) said...

That last comment was from me. oops.

just me said...

that is so fun!! i'm going to sign up and see if i get selected!!

Rebecca Irvine said...

Looks like such fun!!

Katie said...

Sorry I missed it Nancy. It looks like I was the only Craig sibling not in attendance. But some how you all seemed to have had a great time. Miss you!