Monday, March 22, 2010

Aunt Nancy's Craft Camp

Last week my sister Becky came up from AZ with her 6 kids in tow, yes that's 6 as in SIX. Did I tell you she has six kids? She was coming up since her kids were on Spring Break, and to attend her Sister-In-Law's wedding. Anyway I was very proud of her for making the trek sans husband (not proud that she left Rich at home, but proud that she took the initiative, her six kids, her minivan, and pioneered herself right on up to our neck of the woods).

So part of the time she was here she stayed at my house, and let me tell you there's an art to entertaining 6 kids, 8 if you include mine, and 9 if you include my sister Angela, and her cute little Jane who also joined the party. So we turned my house into Daycare/Craft Camp for a few days, because if you're at Aunt Nancy's, that's just the way it goes.

Becky's oldest two kids are twin girls, Madison and Savanna. These are the two beauties that made me an aunt. I can remember the day vividly, but that's a story for another time. Now these two are 12, and very pre-teen and very often bored when at Aunt Nancy's (I know what you're thinking: how is that possible? Go figure). So my Mom and I decided boredom is for the crows (is that a saying? I think I just made it up) and to have a craft day with Madison and Savanna while their mom was at her Sister-In-Law's wedding that she came up for. (That's cute Elliot with Maddie and Savanna praying for pizza).

Here's what we crafted.

Do you like?

Jane decided they were drool worthy.

I think we were all pleasantly surprised by how our fabric flowers turned out. The best part is I didn't buy a single supply for the craft-a-thon. Not recently anyway. I just pulled out my old scraps of fabric, my bead collection, and some needles and thread and we went to town. And we sat and made these fabric flowers for hours (I kid you not) and I am itching to get it all back out and do it again. Anyone up for a craft night? (I'm being serious here, people come all the way from Arizona just to make these things).

I decided half way through to try and make a necklace for Hallie to match her birthday skirt (see pic below). What do you think? I think I'm more excited about it than she is, but that's how it usually goes around here.

I recently bought her a yellow cardigan to Springify the birthday skirt.

I used some ribbon for the necklace part and hot glued the ends with a toggle to turn it into a necklace. Cute, right?

My Mom is a real maverick (think Sarah Palin of sewing) and came up with a few rogue designs of her own, we were telling her that she should wear them, and she said then people would think she was trying to look too young. I said, "Mom, you just have to wear them anyway, don't care what anyone thinks, own those flowers Mom." That's what my friend Dawn told me anyway and she's my fashion guru.

Flowers and family, it's a good mix, and I think little Miss Jane would concur.


Brie Wheelwright said...

I LOVE those! If I had a little girl I would absolutely pay you to make me one. Maybe someday!

Courtney said...

I wish I could have come to craft camp!

Angela said...

Mom is totally a maverick! And Court, you're always invited to craft camp. Not that it was at my place, but I'll invite you anyway. Thanks for hosting Nancy.

Rebecca Irvine said...

We made those in a mother daughter RS last year and the girls enjoyed wearing them.

Toria said...

that's your best idea yet- craft camps at your house!!!

love the flowers- they remind me of Courtney's birthday favors. I've made a lot of hair flowers in my day, but give me the basic rundown on this one. Felt backing? glue gun? needle and thread? die-cut or freehand?

oh and Jane is adorable
and I remember watching those little twins with you in Y-mount.

abby said...

jane is so cute. and i think we need a tutorial.

Steph said...

I love that picture of Becky's cute family.

I wish I was at craft camp too. Any more thoughts on a visit to AZ in April? We could craft camp here. And, I want to spend a couple weeks in July in UT...want to craft camp then?

It was fun to catch up the other day. Doesn't seem there is ever enough phone time to do all the catching up we need to do...girls trip is in need!

Lfree said...

I would have to concur with little Miss Jane on all fronts as well! So fun!

Katie said...

Beautiful Eye candy! Love the crafting.

Becky said...

It was the highlight of the girl's trip! (I'm already thinking about craft camp ideas for the family reunion this summer). Could Jane get any cuter?

pam said...

Yes, do come up with some good ideas for crafts for the reunion. Thanks for letting me come to the fun flower craft day with you and all the cute girls.

Megan B ♥ said...

You are officially tied with my friend Andra for being the craftiest person I know. LOVE the fleurs!

Dawn said...

Nancy,you are a crafting queen! I love all the things you and your sisters came up with. Looks like we've both been BUSY with family. So fun! LOVE the necklace. I would love to get together and craft with you!

Jill Bagley said...

those are awesome nancy! you could put them on so many things.
i think you should make some paper versions for scrapbooking.

wish i lived by you! we could craft it up!
what were those yummy looking lemon cookies you had on your delivery/digrnio thingy party?