Sunday, February 28, 2010

A Short Story Long

When I was in Jr. High I decided to sign up for 8th grade girls' choir. I was kind of upset when I realized that the choir teacher was also my band teacher Mr. Brewer (yes, I played the flute from 4th-8th grade). Anyway, Mr. Brewer and I had an interesting relationship. I was mad at him because he gave me a B in band in the 7th grade (I know rude, right?) and ruined my chance at getting straight A's (can you tell I'm still holding a grudge?). I think it had something to do with my chatting and not paying attention. Where was I going with this? Oh ya, choir. So Mr. Brewer-Mr. boring old Mustache man himself- was the choir teacher and chose crazy 70's songs that none of us in the class were interested in. One of which was "Spinning Wheel" by Blood, Sweat, and Tears. You know the one that goes, "What goes up, must come down. Spinning wheel got to go round..." That one. Boring right? Not exactly Glee for this girl or anyone else in the class. So why am I telling you this boring and kinda lame story? Yes, I do want you to feel my teenage pain, and agree that I should have gotten that A in 7th grade, but I'm also telling you this story because I can't get that song out of my head ever since I made my very own spinning wheel. And let me tell you this spinning wheel is much more exciting than that crazy song or Mr. Brewer.

Maybe you're wondering why I might even make a spinning wheel in the first place. Well let me tell you. My good friend Jen was the Primary President (in our church the Primary President is the one in charge of Primary, which is the children's Sunday School for all kids ages 3-12) in our ward in AZ. She was awesome, she was so great with the kids and had tons of fun visual aids. Ever since I've been called to be the Primary President here I've been trying to summon my inner Jen, and I've been wanting a spinning wheel, and this week that dream was realized (I know, I dream big).

As far as the spinning wheel goes I knew what I wanted, but wasn't exactly sure how to make it myself. Lucky for me I know a guy. I knew that my Father-In-Law Kent could whip this out for me, no Blood, Sweat and Tears (like the song, remember?). I asked him if he could do it, and he said "well draw a picture and give me some dimensions (my fabulous FIL is very hard of hearing due to years of working with loud machinery so you have to picture us trying to have this conversation, mostly I have a big smile on my face and ask real loud and nice so he won't say no. So far he's yet to turn his pesky DIL down.) So I drew him a picture, and went home, and then a couple of hours later he showed up at my house with this beautiful spinning wheel, exactly as I'd pictured it, and drawn for that matter.

Then I went to town painting and making this beauty ready for her debut this morning at church. Our church goes for three hours every Sunday. Crazy Mormons. Anyway the first hour is Sacrament meeting -which by the way my husband spoke in today and did an amazing job. If I ever need to remind myself why I married Travis I just need to sit and hear him speak in church. He has a beautiful public speaking talent paired with a great testimony and love for the Lord, and I love to hear him speak. I keep getting side tracked. Then the two hours after church are for individual class time based on your age. All the adults go to Gospel Doctrine and then split for either Relief Society (all the women 18 and older) or the various mens' classes. There is also a youth group for the boys and girls ages 12-18, but I am in charge of the little kids (Primary), so in Primary we have the kids ages 3-8 come in first while the older kids are in their individual classes, and then they split and the younger kids go to class and the older kids come to what is called Sharing time where they sing and have another lesson. Did you get that? My Mormon friends can skip all the explanation, but I don't want anyone to be confused. So during Sharing time I was giving the lessons this month (which means I teach the same lesson twice each Sunday so both age groups get to attend). We have been focusing on the last week of the Savior's life all month and today we talked about the Resurrection. So I made a game with my spinning wheel where the questions were all about the resurrection. Well that was a kind of long and wordy explanation of how I got and used my spinning wheel (maybe you would agree with Mr. Brewer on that B).

But I thought I'd share because I have a lot of other friends who also have primary callings, and-I think everyone needs a spinning wheel. They'd be great for: preschoolers, birthday parties (I'm totally using it at mine next year, I'll test my friends' Nancy Knowledge), game night, family reunions, family home evening, book clubs, school carnivals, class parties etc. Believe me, I'll put this to good use.

Anyway it's basically a board 24 inches wide by 28 inches long with a 16" spinning wheel (when my FIL asked how big I wanted the wheel I said, like a pizza, 16 inches-I think in terms of food). And then you put a screw through the back with this little doo hickey (anyone know what it's called?) and a washer and some bolts on top of the wheel. Then you glue on some wooden dowels to use to spin the wheel (well he drilled holes, and then glued the dowels into the holes).

I put these little circles and hooks at the bottom so the kids would know which question to choose and I would have a place to put the questions, it worked like a charm.

So what grade would you give this flautist now, Mr. Brewer?

Ride a painted pony let the spinning wheel spin...


Rebecca Irvine said...

I taught Sharing time today, too. I love your spinny wheel. You get an A++++

Thanks for the how-to because now I will need to make one.

Steph said...

Ok...i KNOW why you got a B from Mr. Brewer, I got one too! It was band...but really it was more of a social hour for us! I admit, we spent an awful lot of time laughing and chatting and not so much time playing the flute!

And, I remember choir...I remember all the words to that crazy song too. And thanks to this post, I am sure I will be singing them the rest of this week.

Your spinning wheel turned out cute...very creative!

Nancy said...

Rebecca, I would highly recommend it, the kids loved it, and Steph I knew you would remember, I was thinking of you the whole time I was writing this!

Macy said...

Love the wheel Nancy. You are seriously so talented. I love looking at ideas on your blog. I don't have that gene going.

To answer your question on my blog, yes, I may go to the blog conference. I would love to see you there! Let me know when you decide.

kms said...

Glad I checked in today. I will tuck this idea away for the next time I am called to work in Primary. Cute, cute, cute.

Becky said...

You get an A+ in: crafting, painting, Primary Presidencying, remembering funny stories from junior high, holding a grudge against your ornery Band teacher, getting what you want from the older men in your life, and cracking me up, lady!

Love, love, love the spinner. It is a beautiful thing!

Anonymous said...

argh, you are sooo creative. Since we live close can;t I just borrow it..... ? :)
Miss you! Come see the baby!

pam said...

What a great spinning wheel. I hope you thanked Kent for making it for you. You did a great job designing and painting it. And speaking of the other uses to which you will put this wheel, we'll plan on a couple of great games from you for the family reunion this summer and some more funny stories from your past, before you, like me, forget all of them.

Angela said...

Yeah, you missed out, because by the time I was in 8th grade Choir it was Ms. Clark, and Mr. Bachtell, and they were awesome and took us to Disneyland to sing Broadway tunes.
But your spinny wheel turned out great, so at least you have that.

Megan B ♥ said...

Take THAT, Mr. Brewer. A++