Monday, February 1, 2010

It's all in the mix

More cookies? I know, I know. But come Sunday evening at our house everyone is looking for some sort of treat, and I am usually happy enough to oblige. So last night there were some pretty slim pickings at our house as far as ingredients go. I was in the mood for some cranberry orange bread (weird craving maybe, but that's what I wanted) and seeing how I had no ingredients for this on hand (don't worry I will find them and then post) I had to just make do with what I had. What I did have was some left over pink frosting in the fridge, and a few random cake mixes in the cupboard. I chose a cherry chip cake mix and set off to make a fun treat. I was pretty happy with the results, and of course wanted to share with you.

What I made was these cake mix cookies, and then sandwiched butter cream frosting between them after they cooled. Let me tell you, these were tasty and fancy without any hassle. They would be perfect for a girl baby shower or birthday party, or of course Valentine's Day.

These basically taste like a frosted birthday cake in the form of a cookie, and as Ina Garten would say, "how bad can that be?" These cookies are beyond easy. I used to make a version of these cake mix cookies in college, but this recipe that I found is even easier, and makes a great cookie. Don't limit yourself to cherry chip, the possibilities are limitless. I used to often use this same recipe with a chocolate cake mix, and add-ins such as peanut butter chips, Skor bits, or my all time favorite: Rolos. You just stuff an unwrapped Rolo into the middle of your ball of cookie dough and then when it bakes and sets you've got a chocolate cookie with a caramel center. Yum! The next kind I think I'd like to try though is using a lemon cake mix, and then roll the cookie dough ball in powdered sugar before baking, now that sounds good.

Is it weird that I like to take pictures of cookies? Maybe so, my husband thinks it is anyway. But cookies don't whine and squirm like my kids do when I try to take their picture, so it's a pretty pleasant experience. Plus I love to print out the picture with the recipe and then add it to my cookbook; weird or not it makes me happy. Here's the recipe.

Birthday Cake Cookies
1 box cherry chip cake mix
2 eggs
1/2 c oil
1 tsp. baking powder

Mix ingredients together and bake at 350 degrees for 10 minutes. I used a cookie scoop to make the cookies uniform.

And these cookies will even get your husband to watch Jane Austen movies with you, I promise. It worked for me. Travis and I watched the first part of the new Masterpiece Classic Emma last night after the kids went to bed. It's so good. I think that the BBC could just keep remaking Jane Austen movies over and over and I would watch every one of them. Travis even likes them, he'd probably watch them even if I didn't make cookies, but don't tell his friends that. Next Sunday we'll be watching the Super Bowl and making more manly food.

And last but not least, today is my Dad's birthday. Happy Birthday Dad! I love you, and will be sure to bring a birthday treat to your party!


abby said...

happy birthday laurie!

i think you know how i feel about emma.

the cookies look awesome and i love the idea of taking the picture for your own little cookbook. ima gonna steal that one.

Joy said...

Ooooo These are FABULOUS!!!! How darling! I love the pink icing in the middle.
I have done the lemon ones and powder sugar, YUM. And yellow rolled in coconut is so good, too.

pam said...

What a great recipe. The cookies look wonderful. Do you remember when you were in high school and were supposed to read some Jane Austin book and didn't want to until your mother went to the county library and found some Jane Austin stories on vidio for you to watch. It must have been the beginning of something big. Glad they do the remakes, I too like them all.

Rebecca Irvine said...

These are so cute! And look soo yummy. i will have to make these soon.

Love the new Emma and have been watching it. Down here they had the second week of it yesterday. Next week is the end and I am looking forward to it!

~Cari said...

Your blog is my most favorite of all the blogs on my Google Reader. If I see another post of yours pop up I can't not read it. I have about 4 Nie posts to read and 12 CJane. Theirs I can pass up until another time- when I have the time, but yours I can't. But I probably need to stop reading yours at midnight or I might find myself baking into the wee hours of the night. Everything you post looks soooo yummy! You gotta post the lemon cake mix cookies when you make those. They sound fabulous!!!

hendywow said...

Nancy Wow! We make those cookies all the time, but they don't usually look that perfect! I totally thought of you when I first heard about the new Emma movie, I wish we could see it together!

Ashley said...

Those cookies look great. I will definitely be trying those. I wish I could get Trent to watch those movies with me. Maybe I'll have to mention that Travis likes them. Peer pressure?

Emily said...

Happy happy birthday, Nancy dear! You make yummy birthday treats all year! If I had one wish then it would be, you'd make treats for me that were fat-free!

We love you! See you Saturday.

Karla Rauch said...

Yum! Those cookies look delicious.

I love Jane Austen. I didn't know theyn made a remake of Emma. The Gwenyth Patrow Emma is my favorite. Is it as good as that one??? Guess I will just have to watch it to find out.