Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Come On In!

Okay so a strange part of my house has always bothered me since we moved in (a year ago by the way, can you believe how fast that went?). My entryway. It-is-so-boring! Blah, blah, blah. I've worked hard to put up cute wreaths on my front door, but once you actually come in to my house the entryway is a great disappointment. So we were having people over for a little Valentine's Party on Saturday and I decided I had to do something quick to brighten up the space. I did what they refer to on Design on a Dime as "no cost decorating." I went through my house and tried to find things I already had to brighten up the space.

First off I had put up a photo gallery of sorts a long time ago, but never really liked it. I spaced everything too far apart and didn't like the results, but didn't care enough to switch it out. I didn't want to deal with patching and repainting, so it just kind of stayed there the way it was. So I decided it needed something in the middle to pull it all together. I already had this wooden J and I just modpodged a piece of paper on top that matched my color scheme. What do you think? Does this look like a last minute patch up job? Maybe, but I still like it better with the J.

Then this little buffet thing, that belonged to my sweet Southern Grandmother that we called O'Pee, has been sitting here empty since I took down the Christmas decorations. So I put up some bird pictures that I bought a while back and never knew where to put, and found a few chotchkeys to tie it all in with. Does it look okay? Maybe it looks more like it should go in a sweet Southern Grandma's house (I think that's what Travis thinks).

Can you tell I like birds? Travis doesn't get them, oh well. Either way this has to do for a little while. I'm deciding it's time for Spring time decor even if the weather doesn't think so. I'm kind of over this whole Winter thing. I haven't even worn a coat since Saturday night, and even then I didn't feel like I really needed it. I'm surprised how quickly I've acclimated to Utah's climate.

I do have grander visions though, when my budget and husband are ready for it. I want to put up some bead board and make more of a ledge for pictures and get some sort of bench. I don't have a mud room in this house so I decided I need a nice "mudroom" of sorts here. Some sort of coat rack, maybe a shoe basket. What do you think? These are some pictures I pulled from the Internet that kind of look a little like what I have in mind. I believe these pictures are all from Pottery Barn.

These next images I found via My Simpler Life.

I think they are perfect for the back door area, especially the backpack one, I think I'll actually try to do that, if I do I'll be sure to share the results.

And this is a coat rack that I totally snuck a bad photo of at Swiss Days and plan to copy when I can get my FIL's help.

And if you didn't see enough fowl things in this post I thought I'd show you one more. These are the party favors I gave my friends at the Valentine's party. Fun, huh? I made a CD for everyone with some of my favorite love songs and put them in some cute Valentinesish packaging and used this letter holder to display them because I get a kick out of things like that. These CDs were really easy to make and fun to give, I think I'll have to do that at my next party as well.


MarySue said...

Love the Love Songs CD idea. Aren't you just so clever. And I forget to tell you my darling luggardd tag I won from you/your blog served me well on my latest trip to visit Jesse & Co. in PA. Much thanks sweet gal.

P.S. the "word verification" I have to type here is pootonk. Gotta laugh over that.

MarySue said...

Could you tell I thought I was typing LUGGAGE!

Jen said...

crate and barrel has a similar unit that I have had my eye on for quite some time. check it out.

Angela said...

I like your entry way the way it is! For reals, and your CD's turned out very cute. You should tell us what the play list is, though!
p.s. Since Mary Sue shared her word varification, mine is "hound". I don't think I've ever had a real word before.

Steph said...

Maybe you should send your friend's in AZ a copy of that fun disc!

Love the entry way...before and after!!

pam said...

Your decorating looks great! Glad you were able to use your bird pictures. I like them too. Glad you were able to get all the fun stuff done in time for your party.
Since everybody is mentioning this, my word is hipbome. It would be a fun job to come up with the words for word verification.

Laura said...

I love how creative you are. I am putting pictures of my house up today. Feel free to tell me how to make it look better. We have been here for 7 months and I like it but yours is so fun!