Monday, December 14, 2009

My office party

Okay so enough about Travis' office, how about we have a look-see at mine shall we? When we bought this house there was a little office on the main floor that I quickly put dibs on. When my Mother-In-Law came over to have a look she assumed that it would become Travis' office, but I quickly informed her and anyone else who wondered, that it was indeed my office. Travis has his office at work, and this is mine, all mine. A girl's gotta do what a girl's gotta do (My Dad always taught me to know my rights).

You see my Mom always had a sewing room in our family home off of the family room where she could keep an eye on the kids, and work on her projects, so this is my version of the sewing room; but I much prefer to call it my office because it sounds professional. I do sew and do crafty things in here, but for some reason as a kid I always liked to play office, and hoped to one day have a real one, so here it is. It's still a work in progress, but here's what I've got so far.


Good bones, but pretty plain Jane.


So I wanted this room to be light and feminine, like me (humor me on this). I swapped the dark leather chairs for these more streamlined ones that my Mom recovered for me, and put a smaller table in to make it more of a sitting area.

Then next to the desk I put my thrift store find/redo cabinet with a framed photo and lamp (I also got this lamp at a thrift store for $5), and hung my cute bird picture from Swiss Days above it. Above the desk I put a magnet board, and have plans to put a shelf or two as well. I made these curtains out of some fabric I liked that I thought had an Anthropologie feel to it without the Anthropologie price tag. If you look really close you'll see that I've yet to hem the bottom, and knowing me they could stay that way for quite some time.


My brother Austin asked me about this cupcake sign. He read it and then said, "what's that supposed to mean?" I said, "that's just a subtle reminder for us fat people, it ensures that we stay fat." The pretty painting of the girl reading is called "The Reader" by Jean-Honore Fragonard. Lest you think me an art connoisseur, I'll tell you how I found such a pretty piece of art. You see every day when I go to check my blog listings on google reader, I actually google the word "reader." Then I click on it and it takes me to my reader. But once when I googled the word reader this pretty painting popped up and I thought, "that would look perfect in my office." And I bought it along with the cupcake reminder at I spray painted these frames to put the posters in to make them look more chic. I think it will inspire me to sit in my sitting area and read. I'm actually thinking of starting a book club, this is the book I'm going to start with in January (for Laurie's sake). Anyone who wants to come is welcome (you don't even have to read the book-I haven't even read it yet- you can just show up and I will feed you cupcakes and probably something potato-peel-pieish for theme sake).

Now back to my office.

Yes I like birds.

I got my golden N at Hobby Lobby and the J I bought at a craft store, painted and then mod podged with scrapbook paper. I quite like the way the monograms turned out. And that's really it, for now anyway. I have more things that I want to add, but this is finished enough for me to show it to you. What do you think? Want to come and sit next to me and read? I'm serious about the book club. Let me know if you're interested and I'll fill you in on the details.


Emily said...

What does starting in January have to do with Laurie? Is that someone other than your dad? I want to come to your book club. That was a fun book.

I'm loving the $5 thrift store lamp.

Nancy said...

yes it's someone other than my Dad, she's my friend in my ward who is over R.S. activities.

Rebecca Irvine said...

Very nice! Will you come decorate my office?

Becky said...

Love it, Nance!

I will definitely come sit by you and eat a cup cake while we discuss potato pie. I heard it was a great book, btw.

See ya soon :)

abby said...

your crafty office is beautiful! i love it. i second emily on the lamp. and on the chance that i'm still in the state of utah in january, i want to be in your book club. i really liked that book.

MarySue said...

Thanks for sharing your talents and cuteness. You do inspire. Merry Christmas. Love and miss you and your extended family in the hood.

Courtney said...

I liked that book too and am looking for a book club but I don't think I'll brave the snow for yours! Office looks great.

Heather said...

Nancy - I'm LOVING your red runner. Wondering if you'd be interested in a swap. I would love to have one of those (I'm guessing you made it). I have a Cricut that I could cut something or a couple of somethings for you and your Office to put on the wall if you are at all interested?

Anonymous said...

darling! Please come decorate my house!

Heather said...

Amy Butler?

pam said...

But you've taken out your sewing table. How are you going to sew? Other than this little detail, the office looks great. I would like to come to your book club. That very book is sitting on my night stand. Emily keeps asking me if I have read it yet. But I just barely finished the Anne Perry in Spanish that I was reading and then Emily also gave me a skinny Anne Perry in English so I started that. But I will hurry and read the potato pie book so I can come to your book club.

Jill Bagley said...

fancy nancy!!! you are so fancy with your cute little office!! I wish i would have taken a before and after of my craft room. it was quite a transformation too.
and its never clean, so it would be nice to see it in a picture when it was clean.
LOOOOVe your cupcake sign. that is so antoinette of you. i totally agree. LOVE it. ummm and by the way--your not fat. you have been in AZ and Utah too long. you look fabulous!

Em said...

Love it!!!

You Are My Fave said...

How did he have to ask about the meaning of the cupcake sign? Isn't it clear? Maybe it's a girl thing. I love your redo. Thrift store finds are the best.

Joy said...

Love, love, love it! You are seriously so crafty and amazing when it comes to decor. Fabulous.