Monday, December 7, 2009

Flat Stanley

Dear Blake,

Thanks for sending me to hang out with Dallas. I had a lot of fun. Way back in September I went with him to a soccer game.

From the game I could see the world famous Kennecott Copper Mine. Did you know that this copper mine is so big that Astronauts can see it from outer space?

Can you see the mine? It looks like a mountain, but really it's a big pile of dirt that they dug out of the ground, it's to the right of me, you can see it better in this picture below.

Then things were quiet for a few months, but recently the real party began.

Today I got to play in the snow.

I made a snow angel.

Then I got cold, so I went inside to warm by the fire.

That helped a little, but the hot chocolate helped even more.

Then I decided to get in the Christmas spirit. So I hung out in the Christmas tree.

Can you spot me?

I sung Christmas songs with some Christmas Carolers.

And then I told Santa what I wanted for Christmas.

I had so much fun today. I looked back outside from the warmth of the house remembering my day in the snow. Good times.

I can't wait to come back to you Blake, I'm ready for the warmth of the Arizona sun!

*This post should in no way imply that I am a good person to send your Flat Stanley too!


Rebecca Irvine said...

Thanks for making me smile during a dull day at work!

kms said...

I've been getting visits from Flat Stanleys for years. Be careful. Do a good job on the first one and they keep showing up.

pam said...

So explain this Flat Stanley business to me. Who is he and why does he show up. If his name is Flat Stanley, why does is say Blake on him?

Nancy said...

Mom, Flat Stanley is a kids story, I've never read it though, but somehow the kid shrinks to fit into an envelope so he can go in the mail and visit anywhere. So then the kids make their own Flat Stanley to go visit a friend and the friend is supposed to report back on what Flat Stanley did while visiting. Something like that.