Sunday, December 13, 2009

Fancy Nancy and her Boss Man

If you drove past my house last night and felt bad that we were having a party and you weren't invited, don't. Because unless you work for Travis, you weren't invited. Last night was our first time to host his office Christmas party, and I think (hope) it was a success. One of the main reasons it was a success was my Mom. I called her last week a little stressed out about doing this, and holding a primary Christmas party the night before, and she said she'd make a few appetizers and desserts and bring them to me. Well she came through in her true Marthaly ways, and brought more than a few things. In fact without my Mom and Costco our guests would have gone hungry last night.

I did make the cake myself, but the fancy cookies were all my Mom. I think I need to get a few recipes from her. She also made the pretty tarts.

When we bought this house one of the first things Travis envisioned was hosting his office Christmas party in it. So it was fun to see that dream come to fruition last night. I was pretty proud of my Boss-Man husband. Even though you don't know these people (I met some last night for the first time myself) just humor me while I post my house and husband hosting an office Christmas party.

We had a white elephant gift exchange with everyone last night. My kids thought it was hilarious. They'd never seen one before, and I was thinking that might actually be fun to do at a kids party. Maybe a cousin gift exchange is in order, except the real little ones might not be happy with all the gift stealing.

Travis and I also thought it would be fun to do some "Dundee" type awards. So he made up some fun certificates to give to everyone with inside office jokes. Marsha, my Mother-in-law works for Travis as his administrator, and her award was for "having the greatest son ever." Travis thought it was pretty funny, Marsha's reaction was classic.

So thanks for humoring me, and I know you are wondering, but don't worry, that's just fancy root beer, we wouldn't serve alcohol in our home (or anywhere else for that matter). In fact my kids thought the whole party was fancy (I think my Mom's silver punch bowl had something to do with the use of that word, but I guess we should take them out more often). I'm glad I at least had them fooled! Hallie kept on saying, "Mom this is the fanciest party ever, I know you learned how to be fancy from your Mom." I told her she was right. Thanks again Mom for helping us to be so fancy!


Rebecca Irvine said...

Looks like a lot of fun! And yummy.

Steph said...

I wish we could have been there for the award ceremony! I love the "Dundee" idea. The foods looks yummy and your house looks beautiful!

I am going to call you...I saved all the Flat Stanley pictures on my computer, but they won't upload for some reason. I have never had this problem before. Anyway, thanks so much for doing it!

Can't wait to see you in a month!

kimber said...

Fancy Nancy, look at you hosting a big work party. You are definently the best party host I know. Man, I miss our party's with you!

pam said...

The party looks great! Almost makes me wish I worked for Travis so I could have been there. Glad y'all had a fun Christmas party and that everyone enjoyed themselves. What a way to impress your kids.

Jen said...

When do I get to start working for Travis so I can come to a YUMMY Christmas party.

hendywow said...

So Awesome as usual...I really miss you, when we got together over the holiday, and we got to enjoy the fruits of your labor. YUMMM.

Courtney said...

You make your mom do all the work and then you don't let her come to the party - couldn't you have just called her the caterer?

Looks great! Nancy and Pam are an awesome combo!

Tami G. said...

Some day when Hallie is old enough to be fancy, people will say she learned it from her mom! Your parties are my favorite :)

Joy said...

My mouth is watering just looking at all the tasty baked goods you have so perfectly placed around your kitchen. You are the hostess with the mostess, Nancy.