Thursday, November 12, 2009

The Tooth Fairy returns

Yesterday I volunteered in Dallas class at school and noticed a strange phenomenon going on amongst his peers. They all looked fairly normal until they opened their mouths, and that's when you saw it. Every single one of them looked like a toothless Hillbilly, or the kid on the cover of Mad magazine. I realized how grateful I am that you go through such an awkward stage of losing teeth when you are too young to care. In fact Hallie can't wait to lose her teeth because she thinks it's cool.

So Dallas recently lost another tooth and lucky for him the Tooth Fairy decided she'd better get back in his good graces so she put a little more effort into her offering. Dallas didn't get any old dollar bill this time, let alone one he'd seen before. I think she learned her lesson on that one. No this time the Tooth Fairy wanted to prove herself and left a Sacajawea golden dollar coin. I think the boy was a bit confused since he'd decided he didn't believe in her anymore, but let's just say this time there was some magic back in his eyes the morning after she appeared. That's how I like it, no more suspiciousness.


Angela said...

Nice touch. Did you get someone else to write the note?

Nancy said...

uh, ya, the Tooth Fairy...

Toria said...

I like it.
I was thinking that the writing looked like yours and wondering what you were gonna do about that?
I guess Angela would know better than me.

you know, growing up we had a cute tooth fairy pillow with a tiny pocket in front (the pillow was a chubby tooth fairy-not your standard rectangle). Anyway- the tooth went in the pocket and layed on our bed and the money (or note or tooth) was in the pocket in the morning.
Just thought a crafty lady like yourself might want one more project considering you're gonna have lots of lost teeth in the next couple years!

pam said...

Wouldn't you know Toria had a special tooth fairy pillow when the rest of us had to go without! Glad Dallas is happy. Love the gold coin.