Thursday, November 5, 2009

A Pioneer Adventure

Last night I went to the Pioneer Woman's cookbook signing in Salt Lake. Many of you are already aware of this because I called every friend I had to see if anyone wanted to go, only to realize that I have no friends who want to drop everything to drive down town with me to wait in line, pay $30 for a cookbook, catch a glance of PW, and leave before she even gets a chance to sign your book. Now why wouldn't you want to come along on such an adventure?

Here's how it all went down.

I've been planning on attending this book signing for about a month now. But by planning, I mean I hadn't done anything to actually make this happen. I hadn't found anyone else to go with me, I hadn't found a babysitter, and I hadn't even taken a shower and gotten ready the day it came upon me. So I waited till the last minute to decide that by golly, even if no one wants to come with me, I'm going to slap on some lipstick (actually I wear chapstick), and drag my cold, tired, and hungry children with me to meet their idol-I mean my idol- Ree Drummond. Okay so she's not exactly my idol, but I do think of her as a friend in a twisted sort of way, so I thought I shouldn't be rude and leave my friend hanging at her book signing.

Well it turns out that about 1,000 of Ree's other closest friends felt the same way. And 1,000 friends at a very small book store doesn't make for a very intimate party like I was hoping for. On the way to Salt Lake I realized two things: my kids were hungry, and I was out of gas, literally. Okay so I thought I'd feed my kids, Wednesday night happens to be Family night at Chick-Fil-A, so I bought a meal for Dallas and got a free kids meal for Hallie. Problem solved. I didn't even eat because I didn't want to smell like fried chicken when I met Ree, and I saw on Rachel Ray the other day just how many calories and fat grams are in those Chick-Fil-A sandwiches and thought I'd pass. While we were in the drive-thru line Hallie even pointed out the chicken coop where they feed and then kill the chickens right on Chick-Fil-A's premises, who knew. That Hallie, she's so smart, I just had to take a picture of the chicken coop.

Okay kids are fed, I think I can make it on 66 miles worth of gas, we're already headed on this last minute crazy adventure, let's throw caution to the wind and burn up the last gas we've got on our way there. Oh who am I kidding? I don't throw caution to the wind, ever. And I hate the thought of running out of gas. So I put $25 bucks in, but didn't take time to fill it full, after all we were in a hurry, and I was throwing caution to the wind, remember?

Now we're really on our way. I even maneuvered my way on three different highways and the tiny streets of this SLC neighborhood to find this quaint, very small and out of the way book store where Ree would be. We got there in plenty of time, with ten minutes to spare in fact, only to find that they weren't letting anyone else in the door to hear her speak. So we sat outside in the cold and heard the laughter of some funny things Ree must have been saying. That Ree, she's hilarious, or so I've heard.Then we found a random person to give us a signing line ticket. You see they handed out lettered tickets, A-Z, and there were twenty tickets per letter. We'd waited this long so we thought we'd wait some more and have Ree sign our book. I did get to see her as she walked by and caught a quick picture of her. Can you see her? Isn't her hair fabulous? I got the most amazing pictures of the back of her head as she walked away from us.

So by this time it was about 7:15, and starting to get cold. I hadn't given my kids very warm coats to wear because it wasn't that cold earlier in the day, and I had no idea we'd even be standing outside at all. We were after all headed to a book store for a book signing. So we stood outside the bookstore with a mob of PW fans for about a half an hour. In that time letters A and B had gone in to have their books signed, and C was on deck. Did I mention that I had letter Q? Yes Q, Q for Quaint book store that doesn't have room for a mob of people who want to see Ree. Q for Quiet which my children were not. Q for the Quilt which I should have brought to sit on as we waited and waited. And Q for Quits, I called it quits about 7:45 when I decided that it was going to take at least three hours before it got around to our turn, and my kids were cold and tired and driving me crazy and had school the next day.

So we gave up and went home feeling a bit defeated, but still glad we had tried and were able to spot Ree if only for a split second. I did get a good look at the back of her head, and I did get to have fun with all the other crazy fans who were there to meet her. The thing about Ree is her fans are so nice, and they all told me how sorry they were when I handed in my ticket and headed for home. Oh well, it makes for a good story I guess.
That's my story, and I'm sticking to it.

Here is my new cookbook.

Here's the unsigned front page.

And here's what Ree would have said, had we had the opportunity to meet and become fast friends.


vanessa said...

I think I was standing right next to you!!

Lfree said...

so wish i could have gone. you're hillarious. i felt like i went right along with you. ;)
ps - love what she wrote to you. do share the lasagna recipe after your girls night out. :)

Petit Elefant said...

you should have said hello! it was a weird night indeed. live and learn i guess.

Becky said...

You're hysterical!
I'm sure Ree reads your blog and when you write your book she'll stand in the cold for you, too, honey!

Should I run over to Changing Hands book store right now so I can write my own Ree post tomorrow?

I wish we were neighbors and we could bake chocolate cake and lasagna together!

Rebecca Irvine said...

So funny! I would have loved to have gone to this. Her recipes on her blog always look sooo good.

abby said...

you're so funny, nancy. i want to stand in line to meet you. (i'm sad i didn't get to go, even if it was for the chick-fil-a and fine company.)

Toni said...

Ok Nancy...if I lived in SLC I would have totally gone with you because I am a Ree stalker...I mean well. I have a serious girl crush on her. She was in Tempe last night, but I wasn't able to get out there. But, I am on my way to Barnes & Noble right now to buy her book! Love love love her. Great post.

Angela said...

If only I hadn't had mutual...Sorry!

pam said...

Glad you made the attempt to meet the Pioneer Woman. I think you would have been mad at me for the rest of your life if you had stayed away because I didn't go with you. Sorry it was kind of a bust. You did see her in person, even if it was just the back of her head. I have always thought she had pretty hair. Have fun with the new cook book!

Toria said...

you are hilarious (and so is H with the chicken coop comment). I would have gone with you with my 3 kids in tow. That's totally my type of impromptu fun. I'm putting the cookbook on my Christmas wish-list (although so many of her easy to find basic ingredients on the ranch are difficult to find expensive ingredients out here in the desert).

I think I'll have you sign my book on Ree's behalf- since you're tight like that and all.

Dawn said...

What an adventure! I'm sorry I wasn't able to accompany you to that crazy night. I always love the way you tell stories. A true gift! PW doesn't know what she's missing. Her hair did look pretty great!