Monday, November 2, 2009

Now that's love

We had a really good morning today before my kids went to school. I think the secret to our morning has been the daylight savings change. It makes a world of difference when you rise to the sun instead of the dark and cold (we have a proposed high of 60 degrees today, I think that helped too). So anyway I made breakfast, and even put on an accidental magic show when I sprayed a hot pan with PAM only to have the whole thing burst into flames (I think that was my kids favorite part of the morning), I'm seriously lucky to still have hair. Note to self: don't liberally spray PAM near an open flame.

But my favorite part was how sweet Hallie was. Usually she is yelling at me for waking her up "sooo early." But today she woke up on her own, and was in a rather chipper mood. On her to the bus stop she kept on turning around and yelling nice things back to me.

"Bye Mom!"

"Love you Mom!"

"Have a good day!"

"Be safe!"

"I hope you don't get the swine flu!"

Now that's love. And might I add, my sentiments exactly! Have a great day and steer clear of that wretched swine flu!


Lfree said...

Hallie! I love her little personality. Good weather? I'll take it. I'll see you on the streets today I'm sure. (that doesn't sound so good does it? :)

Michelle said...

Yes, that is pure love! So funny! What a beautiful day if I do say so myself...not this is what fall in Utah is supposed to be like, sun, 60 degrees!! :)

pam said...

That's what comes from having a nice gas stove! Got to watch those spray cans around open flames.

Em said...

congrat's on the new calling Again :)

Dawn said...

I love hearing things kids say. They really are little copiers of us aren't they? Hope to see you and your cute family soon. Miss ya!!

Ashley said...

I keep saying the same thing to my kids. Too funny!