Wednesday, November 4, 2009

A Harvest Feast and a New Beginning

Last Saturday we went and helped Travis' parents harvest their winter vegetables, and picked the last of this year's garden bounty. Lucky for us they let us take some of the fresh goodness home with us, so we had a "Harvest Feast" for dinner on Sunday with our-often eaten round here-Sunday roast complete with fresh carrots, potatoes and onions from Grandpa Jo's garden. I thought it was kind of fun for the kids to be able to pick the vegetables, bring them home, and enjoy them for dinner. So me being me, I made a bit of an event out of it, and we set the table with my Grandma Redd's china, and used Grandma Craig's roast recipe, and had ourselves a Harvest Feast. Actually my Mom might disagree that this is a real recipe, but it's the method I learned from her on how to prepare a roast dinner.

Here's how we do it. I alwasy use a beef chuck roast (I've tried other cuts, and this works the best). Sprinkle the entire roast with meat tenderizer and puncture the entire piece of meat (top and bottom) with a fork. Then I liberally sprinkle Kosher salt, McCormick's grill (Montreal Steak) seasoning, and garlic powder on the entire thing, again top and bottom. Place your meat into a greased casserole dish, and surround the roast with your peeled vegetables. Really you can use any seasonings you like, I know my mom sometimes uses lemon pepper or even thyme, but lately we think the grill seasonings taste best. I usually put sliced Vidalia onions over the entire piece of meat (this time I just had a few little ones from the garden so I put them on the sides), then pour a 1/4 water over the vegetables, cover the dish with foil, and roast it in the oven at 350 degrees for 3-3 1/2 hours. I like it roasted in the oven so much better than the crock-pot (it gives everything a yummy roasted texture and taste). I think the reason my Mom made this dish so often on Sundays is because it can cook while you're at church and is ready to eat as soon as you get home. I love walking into the house after church to the inviting aroma of a roast and vegetables. I don't think there's anything better for dinner on Sunday.

And there you have it. I realize the before picture looks more appetizing than the after, but I think Travis doesn't quite understand why I want to take pictures of his food before he gets to eat it, so I had to get this one quickly, and it's the best I got.

This Sunday was particularly interesting for us. Last week after Sacrament meeting we learned that they were going to split our ward (LDS wards are created geographically based on where you live, and when they split a ward they redo the boundaries, so some of you end up in a new or different ward). This was necessary because our ward was becoming too big to manage. We happened to be in the part of the neighborhood that is getting put into a new ward.

I have to admit to some sadness over this split as I will miss so many of my friends who are now in a different ward. And even my sweet little kids found themselves a bit confused and heartbroken. We had a lot of questions from the kids like, "Do we have to move?" and from Hallie, "are they splitting our family?" They were slightly confused and very concerned. We quickly put their worries to rest, but sadly I was released from my calling as Primary President. But don't fret now, two days after I was released they asked me to be the Primary President in the new ward, so I found myself picking one counselor from names off a piece of paper (since I'd never met anyone from the new ward) and then I pulled a few more familiar people from my old ward as well. Now that this has all set in a little more, I think the change will be good. For one, our primary is now much smaller and more manageable, and I know it will be good to get to make new friends. The hard part will be not seeing the old friends, I guess we'll just have to plan more get togethers.

So I've been a little busy to say the least. The new ward we are in is entirely new, so there are no teachers called, and no classes formed, it's been pretty eye opening to watch this come together, but I feel confident that we'll have everything figured out in the next few weeks. I told Travis that they didn't put me back in as president because I'm anything special, but because I need more practice. So I am grateful to get a second go at this, and feeling a little more confident about it all this time around. Wish me luck!


Toria said...

yum! That's a Sunday favorite of mine too. I want to get in that habit with my family too. It's on my "someday" list and I'm realizing I need to start living it.

Sorry about the split- when it happened to us our Bishop said "split happens" and it does. I understand the sadness and excitement. We still feel bits of it often. Good luck- I'm sure you'll continue to be amazing!

abby said...

i have been looking for a good pot roast recipe. thank you. and katie's granola recipe has been a big hit at my house! cute banner too! you are fabulous at banners.

The Dawlings said...

just FYI, you are more than 'anything special'--you rock my world!

Angela said...

Probably you should invite me over the next time you make roast. K?

Ashley said...

Congratulations on your re-calling:). I love the decorations.

pam said...

Good luck with the new ward primary. Primary presidents are busy ladies. I guess your kids were confused a little like Austin who thought he would be getting a new dad when his dad was released as bishop. What time will you be meeting now?