Tuesday, November 10, 2009

For My Primary Peeps

This month in Primary we are focusing on serving our families and others. So when I had to come up with something for sharing time last Sunday I decided that we needed some kind of service coupon that the kids could fill out, and give to their family for an act of service that was performed on their behalf.

Then I told the kids to come back next week and in the following weeks and report on the service they did. For each act of service the kids complete they can put a warm fuzzy into our jar. We are going to try to fill a jar with "warm fuzzies" just like President Monson spoke about in his conference talk. Once our jar is filled we'll have a treat or activity with the primary kids. I thought it would be fun to come up with a service project/activity to do once we've filled our jar. I picked a pretty big jar, so it could take a while, but I think the kids will have fun with it and hope to have a lot of service rendered in the meantime.

So how did I make my cute coupon? I did what I always do, I called upon my talented peeps, in this case it was my sister Katie to the rescue. Katie used her mad computer skills and came up with this coupon for me to use (there are four coupons per sheet). And her coupons turned out so cute I thought we had to share (with her permission of course). So here you go, feel free to steal this idea for sharing time, class time, or family home evening. Click here to print the service cards. Make sure you click on download (top left corner), and then open the adobe acrobat reader version to print, otherwise you'll get a condensed and cut off version. Let me know if there are any problems printing this!

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Rebecca Irvine said...

Love this--I will have to use it for our primary. Thanks for sharing it!

pam said...

Love your Primary Project! You and Katie have such great talent, thanks for sharing.

Michelle said...

Awesome idea...I LOVE it! WEll done Katie with the computer skills!:)

Heather said...

You are BOTH so equally talented!