Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Thrifty Nancy

Last week I showed you some pictures from an antiquing trip I took with my Mom and sister Becky. What I didn't tell you was that our best deals of the day were found at a small town thrift store, not an antique store. So I got to thinking that maybe the thrift stores in my town might have some treasures for me as well, and after another thrift store shopping trip with my Mom I was pretty excited about my finds, wanna see the best one?

I got this small cabinet at Savers for $7.99. I think it has fabulous bones and great architectural details. I loved the ornately carved doors and the dentil trim on the top, and just knew with a little sprucing up it could be even more fabulous. So, with a little spray paint and some new door pulls these are the results.

What do you think? Try to ignore the bad lighting, it's 34 degrees and gloomy outside today, but inside my office there is a bright and happy blue hue. I used Krylon spray paint from Wal-Mart for $2.77 a can (it's indoor/outdoor and has a gloss finish). I think it only took three cans, although I had bought 4 just to be sure there was enough.

And these ceramic drawer pulls came from Hobby Lobby and were only $2.99 a piece, so for a total of about $23 I'm pretty stoked with my new cabinet.

I think I might have to hit the thrift stores more often, who knew? Not me. I mostly just thought they smelled funny and tried to stay away from them, but now I'm itching for more. Don't tell Travis.

And I also have to show you my new end tables. These are no thrift store find though, sorry. These are custom end tables hand crafted by my talented Father-In-Law Kent. Maybe you remember way back when I showed you some Ballard Designs end tables I wanted him to copy? Well these are the results (I finally got around to painting these this weekend too, let me tell you my husband was really excited about our DIY projects this Saturday...anyway, I used spray paint for these too).

I'd say these turned out crazy good, and am loving the spark they add to my family room. Plus how fabulous is it to have the end tables my Father-In-Law made next to my Grandmother's chairs that my Mom recovered? It really makes me feel the love, or my Mom might tell you that I just like to put my family to work. But either way, I'm feeling the love and loving the decor. What do you think?

And these are my brave Arizona-bred babies heading out into the cold cruel world this morning (can you see the snow on the roof-tops?), at a mere 34 degrees! Dallas keeps saying, "I just don't understand why they don't cancel school in the winter here." I'd have to agree, it would make sense to keep them home in the winter and go to school through the summer, but it seems we're out voted on this one, sorry son.


Sarah said...

wow! I love your new end tables - so unique and stylish! And your thrifted purchase turned out great too. very impressive!

Angela said...

Love the new furniture, Nanc! And if I remember correctly, I think Dallas is Utah bred.

Nancy said...

No Angela, he's Utah born, and Arizona bred.

Courtney said...

Love all the projects - very inspiring!

pam said...

YOur thrift store cabinet and the cute tables turned out really well. They all look great. It was fun thrift store shopping with you.

Toria said...

uh. tmi on your breeding grounds!

I love the new furniture and that you spray painted. Nice work. I really need a thrift store, or a wal-mart or a target right about now. My house really needs some "settling" into.
and what a coincidence, it's 34 degrees here today too! (only we're talking celcius).

Becky said...

LOVE it! Fancy Nancy has done it again! Your Savers dresser looks awesome (I'm a push over for a nice shade of sea foam blue) and your FIL's tables look great!

Next you'll have to start hitting the Saturday morning garage sales. . .on second thought, its 34 degrees there. . .stay home and stay warm :)

Heather said...

I just found some old Pyrex I'm collecting at the Goodwill this weekend for $2.99 and it would have cost me $15ish at the antique store. Don't you LOVE those finds. Do you have a spray paint gun that you can put your spray paint in? If not, invest in one!

Ashley said...

I love your furniture finds! I must say, Arizona is a great place to live this time of the year. Sorry about the cold.

Jen Rutter said...

Nancy, you are so cute with all of your DIY projects-you need to start offering classes to us locals!