Monday, September 21, 2009

Weekend Update

*Warning: this post is rather dull, full of boring, everyday events that when meshed together make my life somewhat exciting. Grab a snack, and sit down for one unforgettable post, where the unexpected ending makes the day to day grind all worth it.

This weekend was pretty uneventful for us. Mostly because I was getting ready for our annual Primary Program. I say annual because every year in our church there is one Sunday set aside where the primary children (ages 3-12) put on a program for the whole congregation, but this was the first year that I was actually in charge. There has been a lot of time and energy put in to this program already by me and my presidency, the music leaders, and the kids themselves, but that doesn't mean that I wasn't worrying about it down to the last minute. Two weeks ago after our first practice with the kids I was really freaking out, and then last Sunday I felt a little better after our second practice, and then Saturday we had our final practice and I felt pretty good about it. So come Sunday I felt like it should come together, and that there was nothing else I could do if it didn't. But luckily (or prayerfully) it did come together. And I'd say it went pretty well. I saw a few mom's in the audience with tears in their eyes when their children were singing, and that was success enough for me. Now I'm just relieved we don't have to think about that for another year.

So the primary program pretty much sucked the life out of the rest of our weekend (I mean that with the best feelings toward the primary program, seriously) (and it didn't help that my husband was in a bad mood after BYU lost their football game, or that we rented Wolverine to watch after our kids went to bed, and I mostly hated that movie, too violent for me) but we still had a few moments of precious fun family time. Friday night Travis brought home dinner from Papa Murphys. I was in my office working on Primary stuff and came out to find that Hallie had taken it upon herself to set the table (I love those kinds of surprises) and dinner was ready without me having to do a single thing.

Notice the fun table setting complete with flowers (Hallie received those flowers from some of her neighborhood friends after a rough day on the school bus, I love those kinds of neighbors that notice when your child is unhappy and come to cheer her up). At first I thought the pink plate with the leftover cupcake must be Hallie's spot, but she quickly let me know that it was for me. I guess she does love me after all, and doesn't always think of me as the mean mommy that she likes to refer to me as from time to time.

Then Hallie wanted everyone to wear a napkin bib so they wouldn't spill on their shirts; how thoughtful of her. So Travis obliged, but Dallas was having no part of it, even when Hallie tried to force cleanliness down his throat.

We had a lovely dinner indeed, complete with my favorite Papa Murphy's pizza: chicken, bacon, artichoke and spinach with cream sauce delite (super thin crust). I don't think you could recreate this pizza for as cheap as you can buy it.

Then Saturday Dallas had another soccer game. The weather wasn't entirely cooperative. It was completely sunny, but it started raining gigantic rain drops in the middle of his game. It wasn't what you'd call a downpour, it was only slightly raining, but it was coming down in elephant sized drops. It kind of shook things up a bit, and cooled the kids off at the same time I guess. The boy did his best, but they basically got killed by the other team, kind of like the abovementioned BYU game.
And now for the most exciting part of this rather boring post, the moment you've all been waiting for. A post that has been a year in the making. Maybe even two. Probably two years ago I bought a two pack of dryer sheets from Costco. I noticed that it took a really long time for me to go through the first pack, and so when I opened the second pack I decided to label it with a start date to see just how long it actually took to use the entire pack. I like to add a little suspense to my life like that, you know, spice up my daily laundry ritual. I have to say that I often noticed that date, and wondered to myself just how much longer my dryer sheets would last. As it neared a year since the start date I questioned whether or not the sheets would last for a full year. But I'm here to tell you that today, September 21st, 2009, almost a year to the date that I opened my Kirkland brand Costco dryer sheets, I am doing laundry (as I almost always do on Mondays) and I have 9 dryer sheets left in my box. That means that 246 sheets are enough to last me for a full year and then some (I bet there was some research that went into that number). That would mean that I do almost 5 loads of laundry a week, and that sounds about right to me. Now the Betsy Cannons (the greatest queen of laundry known to mankind, who has her children's clothes washed, ironed, and hanging in their closet by the end of the same day on which they wore them, I exaggerate not) of the world might need three boxes for a full year, but I'd say I'm a pretty average laundry user in America, and by golly if those Costco people didn't do their research.

And now I am officially a boring nerd, and would totally understand if you completely skipped over this whole post.

P.S. (I use parentheses a lot). (I really like them). (Just imagine that this is my inner voice interpreting my written word, delving deeper into hidden meanings, and then you'll appreciate them just like I do).


Keith and Lynsi said...

There was absolutely nothing boring about this post! Your writing and parenthesis could make anything exciting and fun to read! Glad to hear your Program went well, with you in charge I'm sure it was AMAZING!!!! We have ours this Sunday, wish us luck!

Michelle said...

Pretty impressive...the bargain found in Costco Dryer sheets! You are too funny. You like parenthasies, I am a ... kind of'll see! :)

Courtney said...

For some reason I kept expecting to scroll down and see a picture of some treat you made for the primary kids which would incorporate some amazing craftiness. I'm glad to know the sheets last forever (although I go through them much quicker than you do).

Steph said...

These are my favorite type of posts that you write...the "boring" ones! Mostly because I laugh so hard and can picture you laughing while you are writing them! And, I love when you call your "office" your "office"...I don't know why, but I think about that picture every time. Maybe that could be a blog post? I think it was hilarious....your hubby is pretty funny!
I should keep track of how many dryer sheets I use, but I'm afraid that I use way more than that!
Angela's shower looks like it turned out great. I am going to call you this week so we can talk cupcakes! Mine frosting with the "Wilton" turned into a giant mess...yours look cute!

Anonymous said...

i loved reading this post! you are SOOOOOOOOOOO funny. and you pulled off the program--not only pulled it off, but it was great!

Becky said...

LOVED this post! Especially the pic of Trav with Dallas and that Hallie set the table. . .awwwwhhh! You writing makes me feel like I'm chatting it up with you on the phone.

I wanted to call and see how the program went, so glad to hear it was a success. As for the dryer sheet experiment, you must be related to my husband or something, as he taught me to do that with the Costco giant plastic wrap box. I rip my dryer sheets in half and then they last twice as long!

Dawn said...

You are such a great writer. Never boring no matter what the post is about. Kirkland should be paying you for that endorsement. Your kids are great. I love those types of surprises too. HOpe to see you soon.

pam said...

I would use parentheses because I like them too but this dang Spanish keyboard has all the punctuation mixed up so what you see on the key is not what you get when you type that key! It makes it really difficult to use punctuation marks. Glad that your primary program went well. Glad too that you had a good weekend. And you didn't even mention the fun Boutique we went to on Friday. The paper on Saturday had a piece in the Home section on Sody Row. I felt so in the know to know what they were talking about!

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