Wednesday, August 26, 2009

sweet note

Hallie has centers at Kindergarten where the kids get a little free time to do some activities on their own. One of the centers is a note writing station, complete with envelopes and fun scissors to cut out your note paper. Hallie seems to enjoy writing notes and has brought a few home that she has made for the different members of our family. Last night she gave me this sealed envelope before she went to bed and told me to give it to Daddy when he got home late.

So I gave this to Travis when he got home, and we both had to laugh at the matching note inside. I think that's all she knows how to write, but there was a lot of little girl love inside that envelope, and I think her Daddy read between the lines and felt the intended sentiment.


Jen said...

That is VERY cute!

Karla Rauch said...

That is adorable.

Ashley said...

Very cute. She is a good little writer!