Thursday, August 27, 2009

I don't even know what to call this post

Earlier this week I had a great idea for some low fat carrot muffins. Mmmm...sounds yummy right? Your mouth is totally starting to water already, I can tell. Well let me tell you, they were the bomb. That is to say that they were a total bomb. I ended up throwing the whole two muffin tins worth of good in your head, but not so good in your mouth muffins right into the trash. You either waste it or you waist it, and in this instance I was not even tempted to waist (picture me pointing to my very curvy, womanly waist as I say this cute little mantra) these muffins.

It was kind of like the time when I was twelve and I was laying in bed trying to go to sleep and I just couldn't get the idea out of my head that I had somehow come up with a new fantastical way to braid hair. So instead of waiting to try out my revolutionary braid after a good night's sleep, I went to wake up my ten year old sister Katie to borrow her head of hair for a test run. "Katie, Katie, wake up, wake up." I nudged my comatose sister to an alert stage, "What is it, why are you waking me up?" Katie said groggily. "I just thought of a great new way to braid hair, and I want to try it out." I said with enthusiasm.

Maybe the funniest part of this story is that Katie went along with this hair-brained scheme, and let me braid her half awake head of hair. I don't think she was all that happy about it, or all there, but she let me do a lot of crazy things to her in those days. After testing my new theory of relative braiding on Katie I said, "no, sorry, it's just the same old kind of braid. In my head it was different though. Go back to sleep." And then I went to bed, and Katie gave me a strange look at the breakfast table the next morning and wanted to know why I was waking her up in the middle of the night to braid her hair. But when I get an idea in my head, I just can't let it go until I try it out.

Kind of like this whole vintage looking fabric flower thing I'm trying to decode. This is my best attempt so far, and no I didn't buy an etsy tutorial, I just sat down with a piece of fabric and went to town. Not because I want to rip off the originator and sell them, mostly because I want to know how she does it. Stephanie what do you think?

So Travis is having a Fantasy Football Draft party at work tomorrow and asked me to make him a dessert (my fourth grade teacher taught me how to spell dessert, he said, there are two s's in dessert, just like you'd want a second helping of dessert, now you'll never call your dessert a desert, and you'll think of Mr. Amidon every time you spell it, just like me) for the party. I came up with these cupcakes. They turned out much better than those muffins which we shall not mention further.

And in the name of keeping things real, here's my messy kitchen that I made at the same time.

Yes I'm messy, but I do clean up after myself.

And if you really want to see me keeping things real, here's the brownie bites that bombed about as bad as those muffins. They were a little less brownie bites and a little more brownies bite the dust. They tasted good, I just couldn't get them out of the pan. I used to make these all the time and now I can't remember how I did it. I made these a few months back and put them in little cupcake liners and they stuck to those. This time I put them in the pan which had been sprayed liberally with PAM and they stuck to that too. Maybe it's just Utah. I blame Utah. My Arizona brownie bites were awesome. I guess Travis' Utah Fantasy Football Draft Party will be brownie biteless.

But it will have cute cupcakes, and isn't that what every football themed party needs?

And here's some mammoth zucchini my Sister-in-law Emily gave me. Maybe I'll make some zucchini muffins. This time though I'm going to using a recipe, I think it will help both Katie and me to rest easy.

I cannot be held responsible for the content in my late night posts, and I'll have some prettier pictures of my cupcakes in the light of day, don't you worry. Have a great weekend!


Toria said...

you are funny.
I had Mr. Amidon too.
Your cupcakes almost look too cute for a man party- you probably made lots of friends with the co-workers, and less friends with the wives (high expectations the next time they want to bring something to share).:)
your flower looks terrific. I don't know who you're trying to knock off- I think you do a pretty good job of making originals!
I can relate to getting out of bed and wanting to execute something right away. Your story is a reminder to me to have a notebook by my bed for those thoughts.
ok- long comment. Good night!

Chris Moore said...

HEy, Looks like you guys are doing good. Brownie Bites...The easiest way to get them out of the pan is put them in the freezer. After about 15-20 minutes take them out. Put a finger on each side of the brownie and twist. They should come right out. :) Later Terri

Angela said...

I like your flower and your cupcakes. I agree with Toria, too cute for a man-party. They just won't appreciate them properly. But you can make something super cute for my baby shower and all the girls will Ooo and Aaah over them.

Dawn said...

The flower looks perfect. Way to go Nance, I knew you could do it! Now will you teach me? Maybe I'm not talented enough though, it does look pretty difficult. Can't wait to see you, Steph and Liz!

Dawn said...

btw, the cupcakes rock! Your blog posts always crack me up. I can totally picure you braiding Katie's hair, it even sounds familiar like you probably told me the next day after you tried it.

Courtney said...

loved the middle of the night braiding and the cupcakes!

Becky said...

You are too hysterical. You really could call this post: "Late Night Hair Brained!" Sure love ya (and your cup cakes, too)!

pam said...

Let us know what you made with the zucchini. You have been trying a lot of things and sharing them with us. I tried eggplant parmesan because we have egg plants in our garden, and stuffed peppers for the same reason and they turnout really good.