Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Stack 'em up

I've been surprised how many new neighbors we've gotten lately. So when someone moved in down the street earlier this week I decided I should go and meet them with cookies in tow. Only problem was I didn't have any paper plates, so I turned to my trusty cellophane. I always have a big thing of cellophane handy, and use it all the time for everything. I once had a friend ask me when I gave her a gift wrapped in cellophane if I just had it handy to use whenever I needed it, and I said "yes, doesn't everyone?" Maybe not everyone does, so I guess I'll show you how great it is, even for cookies without a plate.

You just have to pick the best looking, most round cookies out of your batch and pile them high in the middle of a sheet of cellophane. Then pull the cellophane up and all around the cookies and use a little scotch tape to make a bag of sorts. Then tie it off with a cute ribbon and note and you're good to go.

When we lived in Arizona and got a new neighbor I made cookies, wrapped them up all cute and dragged the whole family over to introduce ourselves. But when we got to the door they weren't home, and I never went back. I'm pretty sure we just ate the cookies eventually. I've always regretted not going back and lamented the friend I could have had instead of the neighbor I hardly knew. I'm trying to be better!


Shannon said...

I was just at Tai Pan today looking at the roll of cellophane thinking, I bet if I had that I would find lots of reasons to use it. But I didn't pick it up. I think next time I'm out I will. You have inspired me (smile).

Jen said...

Can I be your neighbor?

abby said...

that is just the best idea ever. i hat putting cookies on an ugly paper plate. i will be doing this!

and congrats on the calling! you will be fabulous.

pam said...

What a good neighbor you are!