Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Slow Down

I drove past Hallie's preschool the other day and unexpectedly broke down in tears. I'm not usually an overly emotional girl, I never have been, so this caught me totally off guard. And then to make matters worse Travis called my cell phone at right about the same time and I had to explain to him why I was crying. He of course found it a bit odd and humorous, but was very understanding. I think I'm just more sad than I thought I'd be to see the preschool years slip away from Hallie. I'm also pre-mourning the loss of my little buddy to daily Kindergarten. Luckily for me Hallie will only attend Kindergarten for a half day as opposed to the full day that Dallas did in Arizona. I don't know what I'm going to do with myself when Hallie starts first grade and, like Dallas, is gone all day.

But for now I'm trying to enjoy the short summer vacation that Hallie has, and spend some time doing fun things with her during the day. The other day she wanted to paint nails so we went to the beauty supply store (Hallie was very fascinated that there were whole stores devoted entirely to beauty supplies) and purchased some nail flowers. We then spent a whole hour doing manicures, and it only took Hallie a quick 10 minutes to decide that she wanted to rip the flowers right off. But it didn't matter that she ripped them off, what mattered was the time we spent together, and the time we have left before she, like Dallas spends more of her day at school than at home with me. Sometimes I wish I could press pause on our life somehow, I'd keep us all right where we are for the next five years at least. But seeing how that is not an option I'm hoping to savor what I've got when I've got it. There must be a reason that time flies so fast, I only wish I knew what it was.


Jen said...

I totally feel for you and my oldest hasn't even started preschool yet. I had a thought a few weeks ago that I honestly didn't want to have any more kids for at least a few years. The reason, I don't want the young years to end. It is just so sad to me to think that they grow up so fast and I'm not ready to give up having little ones around the house. Does that make sense?

pam said...

You could paint dip and dot flowers onto her nails and then it would be more dificult for her to take them off so quickly.