Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Shaving Cream? What the hail?

We've had a very cold and rainy June, this is not something we Arizonans are used to, but we're trying to make the best of it. Yesterday we actually got some sort of flash flood rain/hail storm, and my kids were quite terrified by the hail. I don't know if they've ever seen hail before or not, but Dallas got "stuck" at my sweet neighbors house during the storm and came home very shaken up about the whole thing. Apparently he was worried about us being without him, or him being without us (I'm not sure which) when the storm hit. But all was well and I explained that hail (when not causing major damage) was kind of fun.

This is the same kid who came home today in the pouring rain with his raincoat crumpled up in his backpack instead of covering his body. I tried to explain to Dallas that when it's pouring rain he should actually wear his rain jacket. Instead he put it in his backpack and carried his desk drawer from school over his head to keep the rain off of him. Apparently they were supposed to bring the drawers home to be cleaned and returned to school. And what might you ask should you clean a school desk drawer with? Why shaving cream of course. At least that is what he instructed me to do. "Shaving cream? Are you sure?" was my reaction. "Yes Mom, my teacher said to borrow our Dad's shaving cream to clean this out with and then bring it back to school tomorrow and we'll get a treat." And so I just cleaned his desk drawer with his Dad's shaving cream to send with him to school tomorrow. Maybe his teacher likes the smell of man. I can't think of any other reason to clean with shaving cream, can you?


Becky said...

Dallas has a natural "protect the family" instinct!
Thanks for the granola recipe, as well as I didn't write it down before. . .and the BIKES! How much fun is that surprise? Give those cutie pies big hugs from Aunt Becky and I must say your monogrammed cake turned out great. I've done that one when short on time and its surprisingly adorable/visual in its graphic appeal.
Miss you!!

Angela said...

Shaving cream, huh? That is weird. Hopefully Dallas enjoys the hail a little more next time. Guess what? I'm going to Kelly Clarkson tonight.

Courtney said...

so is shaving cream a good cleaner?

Anonymous said...

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pam said...

We read in the paper that somebody in your neighborhood got their basement flooded really bad. Hope you all weathered the storm O.K.