Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Puerto Rico Recap

I'm back, again. We had a very relaxing vacation in Puerto Rico. This time it was just me and Travis sans kids, and sometimes those are the most relaxing types of vacations. I will say that I did miss my kids though, and always think how much they'd enjoy what we were doing whenever we are away from them. We stayed at a beautiful resort in Fajardo called the El Conquistador. It was huge and had gorgeous views. I might complain just a little though and say that it was pretty hot and beyond humid where we were, and my hair was feeling the humidity as much as anything else, but wavy hair aside we had a lot of fun.

The first day (Thursday) we spent poolside relaxing with Pina Coladas and then had a poolside dinner with ocean views and breezes that night. Friday I talked Travis into renting a car so we could do a little shopping and see the city. We didn't stray too far though because as the concierge warned us, there are certain places where you won't look like anyone else and leave yourself open for trouble. We tried to stay away from those areas.

Then Friday night we had a fancy dinner in the jungle of the rain forest. Sounds fun, but like I said it was hot, humid and there were a lot of bugs.

Saturday morning Travis went golfing and I got a full body massage. I've never had any professional massage before, full or not, and so this was quite the luxury for me. I thoroughly enjoyed it and could use another one right about now after doing 6 loads of laundry yesterday. Sometimes you need a vacation from your vacation, and I could have used one yesterday because our air conditioner decided to freeze up on me and somehow that creates a hot house. So today I've got a guy coming to fix the problem, and hopefully we'll be back in the full air-conditioned swing of things by tonight.

Anyway then Saturday night was the awards ceremony for Travis' company, they do a fancy dinner and awards in the ballroom. It was fun, and long, but exciting as Travis got called up for his 5 year pin and the announcement of his new office. It makes me so happy to see him recognized for his hard work, hopefully there will be much more of that in his future.

So to recap, I liked Puerto Rico, had a great time at the resort, but if it was my own money I was spending (as opposed to the paid for by Travis' company trip we took) I would have preferred Hawaii or even California. But I'm certainly not complaining, and look forward to the same trip next Summer! In the meantime I'm going to try to perfect the art of Pina Coladas at home, I love those things, no Rum of course. Oh and next year I vow to be thinner. Not because fat people don't have any fun, because we did, but because you sure look a lot better in the pictures. Oh well, I thought about not posting any of these because I'm not happy with my body these days, but I'm just keeping it real. And it will make my after pictures look that much better.


Ashlee said...

Hey Nancy-
Oh, I love Puerto Rico! Call me before you go next year... there are a few spots we really love. And, yes, our kids love it there. Congratulations to Travis!

Dusty said...

I think you are always gorgeous! It looks like a fun trip and it is always more fun when you didn't have to pay for it. Of course I would love to see you when I am up in Utah. IT would be fun to get together when Katie is there also. We leave Friday. I can't wait! I'll trust that Dawn has your number.

Laura said...

I agree with Dusty. I think you look gorgeous! You are such the traveler this summer, I am so jealous! How fun that they send you on a trip every year. I wish the firm did that for us. What a great way to start a fun summer! Wish you were here to color with me!

Keith and Lynsi said...

What a fun get away! Dido the other girls, you look fabulous, especially love the fresh blonde! Oh also love your purse board! hope you guys are loving your summer in Utah!

Angela said...

Glad you had a good time. I'm totally jealous. Who's the world-traveler now? Did you do the spray tan? See you Friday!

Jen said...

Ahhhh that looks amazing. I am officially jealous! I need a vacation. Let's trade, I'll come to Utah and watch your kids and you come to Denver and watch mine.

Way to stimulate the world-wide economy!

Maddie said...

Sounds FUN!! Cant wait to see you!!!

pam said...

Glad you had a good time and took some great pictures for the rest of us. Hope your kids didn't miss you too much. Glad you were able to stand the heat and humidity!