Monday, June 15, 2009

My Dark Rooted Laziness

I think I'm changing the name of my blog for the time being to, My Dark Rooted Laziness. Why? A) my roots are in desperate need of a touch up, and B) I haven't been very ambitious lately in the crafting zone. I guess there's a time and a season for everything, and I like to remind myself of a time when I was just a little more ambitious in the crafty department. So I came up with a project to showcase some of my former projects. I used to make a lot of bags/ purses, whatever you want to call them. I went through a time where I was trying to sell them, and gave many away as gifts. I am not wanting to repeat that time, I'm sort of over it for the most part, but I do want to remind myself of my handiwork from time to time; but I really don't have much to show for all the work I did since most of the bags were sold or given away.

So I came up with a solution. I wrapped two bulletin boards in fabric, (thanks to Laurie's handy dandy staple gun, I haven't been able to find mine since the move) and then had Mandy shrink down pictures I had taken of some of my bags on Photoshop to 3X3 inch squares. I had the pictures printed and cut them to size and put them up on the bulletin boards with some gold push pins. I'm planning on putting these up in my office/sewing room. I'll get around to actually hanging them sometime in the near future (that's part of the laziness I guess).

And the dark rooted part? I'm taking care of that on Thursday, and I can't wait. I've been putting it off for a little while because I have a few trips in the next couple of weeks and I like to be freshly blonde for those. Here is a little glimpse of one of those trips.

I think a spray tan is in order.


Angela said...

I thought you decided you didn't like the spray tan last year? I like the inspiration boards, by the way.

Nancy said...

no Ange I like the spray tan results, just feel dumb during the process... having an actual person spray my body you know it's a little silly.

hendywow said...

Ok i don't think you should beat yourself up on the crafting thing! You have been a little busy lately, with the move and new caliing! As for your trip, have a Fabulously Tan Time!

pam said...

Love the way you mounted all the photos of the bags you have made. What a great idea. And love the photos of your destination. Looks like a beautiful place.

kms said...

Still loving my Nancy Bag.
BTW started checking out your "Blogs I Frequent"... Great stuff.