Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Right in Front of my Very Eyes

I had to recover from my Mother's Day Village Inn Breakfast in bed, so yesterday it was back to Slim-Fast for breakfast. Only after my Motherly gourmet breakfast adventure I felt like I couldn't drink the Slim-Fast straight out of the can, no, I needed to bump it up a notch. Bam! I pulled out the blender, some frozen bananas and a little ice for added texture.

Problem is my blender is not very good, specifically it's not very good at crushing ice. This blender has been such a disappointment for smoothies. The drink it produces is much more of a chunkie than a smoothie. But I was willing to take my chances yesterday, and pulled the blender out anyway. As I was pureeing, chopping, and blending away I was wishing that somehow, some button I might push would crush my ice, but no luck.

As usual I was left with chunky ice in my shake. Until, out of the corner of my eye I spotted something, something that had alluded me for years. Something that had been right in front of my face, yet hidden in plain sight. To the left of the of the whip and the puree there is a little button looking thing that says ice crush. I have to give myself the benefit of the doubt and believe that I had actually read those words before. But somehow I hadn't realized that below where it says ice crush there is an actual button.

I think I always thought it was just some kind of false advertisement, taunting me into believing that the puree, whip, mix, grate, and blend would somehow crush ice if pushed over and over again in some sort of secret sequential order. But to my dismay, they did not, no matter how many times I pushed them, or how many different secret combinations I tried.

But yesterday was different. Yesterday I had a stroke of genius, a light bulb moment if you will. There is an actual button on my blender that says, "ice crush" and if pushed this button has the power to crush ice. And yesterday, for the first time in years I enjoyed a homemade smoothie, and overcame the chunkies I had hitherto been drinking. And maybe, just maybe if I drink these smoothies every morning I will also overcome the chunkies I have been carrying around with me for years and become slim, fast, very fast. Okay so that was just silliness. I wish there were a magic button that I could somehow find on my body to overcome these chunkies, but I just had to share my idiotic, dumb blonde moment, nay years of illusion, with the masses. Because if your blender is giving you a hard time crushing ice, look a little harder next time. There may just be a secret hidden button that will magically crush ice, and you too can enjoy smoothies. I wouldn't want anyone else to make my very easily, and understandably made mistake.

And you thought I was giving you a recipe for a smoothie, but it turned out to be a recipe for life: sometimes the thing we want most is right in front of our face, we only have to look harder, and life will somehow become smoother. Okay I'm done. I think I need a drink after all this enlightenment (enough with the Slim Fast double entendre). I think I'm just trying to avoid the exercise I promised myself I'd do today. I'll let you know how that goes.


Mike and Joy said...

Nancy, that is hilarious. Sooo something that I would do, too.

Laura said...

I do things like that all the time and I can't say it is a blonde moment:) That sounds like a yummy breakfast.

pam said...

Glad you found the secret button on your blender and now all of life's problems are solved.

Jen said...

My blond ambitions.......ironic. HA!

Dawn said...

What a great story, I totally laughed out loud and my girls came running in to see what was so funny, I told them it was just my one of a kind, hillarious friend Nancy. Only a few weeks before we can get together frequently!!